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Vaulting is a movement mechanic introduced in Battlefield 3.

Battlefield 3Edit

Battlefield 3 allows players to vault over low cover, which reduces the player's profile. Vaulting is mostly handled by the animation system, and is possibly a client-side feature—the server merely tracks the player's position point.

Battlefield 4Edit

The vaulting system in Battlefield 4 is slightly improved to better match the player's position with their hitboxes.

Battlefield 1Edit

Vaulting in Battlefield 1 has been improved—players are now able to vault over high cover such as walls and tall fences. Players can also jump to catch the edge of ledges and climb up, instead of falling because of a missed jump. Although the player is greatly exposed during the maneuver, the opportunity remains to catch unsuspecting enemies by surprise, or to briefly escape into cover behind a wall.

Battlefield VEdit

In Battlefield V, new animations were added to indicate cover objects are too high to climb over, with the player jumping and outstretching their hand unsuccessfully. Additionally, while falling players can grab onto ledges and pull themselves up, potentially saving themselves themselves from an otherwise fatal fall, or catch the edge of a gap if their jump was too short, such as when crossing a destroyed bridge.

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