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A KRISS Vector in real life

The KRISS Vector is a submachine gun series produced by the American company KRISS USA. It is built around the KRISS Super V System, which reduces recoil and barrel elevation when firing the weapon, while offering a very high rate of fire.

The K10 is an upgraded prototype that was announced at SHOT Show 2011. It is slightly more compact than the standard Vector, and features a telescoping stock, a downward cocking handle, and was intended to be multi-caliber. The K10 has not been displayed by KRISS USA since SHOT Show 2013, and appears to have been canceled in favor of the second generation line of the Vector.

Variants of the Vector appear in two installments of the Battlefield series. The K10 appears in Battlefield Hardline, and the Vector Gen II will be featured in Battlefield 2042.

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