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A Vehicle Drop is the act of reinforcing ground units with extra matériel. This can be done with transport helicopters, or vehicles dropped by transport planes via parachute. In Battlefield, this refers to one of several commander resources.

Battlefield 2[]

Added in patch 1.3, it is unique among resources because it can be requested by individual squad members, rather than just the squad leader.

The vehicle dropped is determined by the team (MEC and the PLA get the FAV or their teams light armored vehicle, while the USMC and EU get the DPV or HMMWV) and map — only vehicles that spawn on the map can be dropped.

Battlefield 4[]

Vehicle Drop is a commander resource in Battlefield 4 as a part of the squad asset loop that can be purchased by a Commander for four segments of the progression bar and then issued to squads. It deploys a single Quad Bike or Personal Watercraft (depending on the terrain) via parachute.

Battlefield V[]

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In Battlefield V Firestorm, a Vehicle Drop can be requested by picking up and firing a blue flare gun, found randomly across Halvøy on the ground as loose loot or in objective containers such as Safes. After a short wait, a ground vehicle will be paradropped to wherever the shot flare landed. The vehicle granted is random, potentially being any of the civilian, light vehicles or tanks found in Firestorm, with notable exceptions such as the Churchill Crocodile and Sturmtiger, which are found only in Vehicle Lockups.