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Vehicle Lockup 1

Vehicle Lockups are objectives featured in the Firestorm gamemode of Battlefield V. They are scattered around Halvøy and can be opened by any player. Inside each lockup is a combat vehicle as well as high tier weapons, gadgets, and ammunition.


Vehicle lockups have two large doors that are opened by interacting with two wheel hatches. Only one door is required to be partially opened in order to access a vehicle lockup. Fully opening one door will grant a player's squad with 100 experience points. Despite this, both doors are required to be fully opened in order to drive the vehicle out of the lockup.

Hatches can be turned one by one or the process can be expedited by two players turning them both simultaneously. One hatch takes approximately twenty-five seconds to open one door. During this time, players are left exposed but may exit the animation at any time. Once a hatch has started to turn, an alarm will sound from the lockup. This will notify all nearby players in the vicinity that the vehicle lockup is opening. The alarm will only stop once a hatch has stopped turning or the vault door has been fully opened.


Insides each vehicle lockup is a combat vehicle. These vehicles are not found in any other place around the map except in vehicle lockups. Additionally, the inside of each vehicle lockup may occasionally hold Fuel or vehicle ammo as well as higher tier loot inside Safes or Strongboxes.


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