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For the Support LMG also in Battlefield V, see VGO.

Vickers MG IRL

A Vickers Medium Machine Gun in reality.

The Vickers Machine Gun was a water-cooled heavy machine gun produced by Vickers Ltd. It was primarily used by the British Army, serving as their standard heavy machine gun through both the First and Second World Wars until being retired in 1960. It was also used on many Allied aircraft during World War I, and saw service throughout the Commonwealth.

Battlefield VEdit

The Vickers is a stationary weapon featured in Battlefield V. It has unlimited ammunition but is effected by overheating. Vickers emplacements are found on multiplayer maps to start with, but also can be built by Support players as part of the Fortification system. The emplacements appear to always be tripod mounted and come with attached gunshields. They can be destroyed by explosives, requiring them to be rebuilt. The Vickers cannot be towed by vehicles.


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