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Victor Vaughan is a character featured in Battlefield 4: Countdown to War.


British by birth, Vaughan had wasted his family inheritance at a casino in Macau, also making him an enemy of the Triads. By age 26, he had landed himself in a Hong Kong jail, having lost all but his British charm. While in jail, Vaughan had befriend the cop who had arrested him, Jack Parnham. The two men then teamed up and moved to Shanghai, China and opened a combined public relations and private security outfit. With Parham being the muscle of the organization and Vaughan being the charmer, the two were able to entangle to rich in their business, including politicians.

Following the murder of Parnham, Kovic shifted his attention over to Vaughan, attempting to associate him with the CIA. Not believing America had anything good to offer him, Vaughan made sure Kovic got message of his disinterest by getting his apartment turned over to the Ministry of State Security later that day.

Countdown to War[]

After Kovic's failed mission at the Chinese/North Korean border, Kovic went back to Vaughan to confront him about the mission as he suspected Vaughan had been paid to kill Kovic and his men during their mission. While Vaughan denied the accusation, Kovic knew better and told him he would soon come back to find more answers.

After a night with a prostitute, Vaughan awoke with a surprise to Kovic who was thought to have died in his apartment fire. With the help of Zhou and Wu, Kovic had easily made it past Vaughan's security and now had him held down for interrogation. Kovic revealed that he knew Vaughan was hired to kill him but mistakenly killed his girlfriend instead before setting his apartment on fire. Kovic then proceeded to torture him for the name of the client which was revealed to be Tsu Yuntao. Unsatisfied, Kovic then pressured him for the Yuntao's location. Stricken by fear, however, Vaughan denied having any knowledge of his location and instead pleaded for his life. Unwilling to show mercy, Kovic told Vaughan that they would "see you out" as he nodded to the open window. The book then states "They say most people black out before they hit the ground", heavily implying that Kovic threw Vaughan out the window to his death.


  • Vaughan typically hires male prostitutes for his entertainment.
  • He has had reconstructive surgery done to his face due to events that transpired when he was younger.