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"As Vladimir would say... 'You can only die once, so make sure it's worth it'"

Dimitri Mayakovsky remembers his comrade's words at the epilogue of the game.

Vladimir Kamarivsky (Владимир Камаривский) is a character who appears in Battlefield 3.



He led a GRU operation, together with Kiril and Dmitri Mayakovsky in Northern Iran on November 8, 2014, to capture an arms dealer named Kaffarov, who had stolen three Russian nuclear devices and sold them to Solomon, who intended to use them to attack Paris and New York in order to instigate a war between Russia and America. He is always armed with an A-91.


Vladimir later leads an operation to infiltrate the Paris Euronext building, and stop Solomon's men from detonating the nuke they have brought. A fierce gun battle ensued in the building, which led to a footchase in the streets of Paris in order to capture one of Solomon's men who is carrying one of the nuclear weapons, while engaging the French Gendarmerie. As the unit begins to move down an alleyway following after the bomb carrier, a PLR insurgent fires an RPG-7V2 that missed Dima and Kiril, but hits a bus near Vladimir, sending him flying, and wounded with a large piece of shrapnel piercing him in the chest. Dima drags Vladimir to safety, but he orders them to go on without him, saying that he would "hold them off". He eventually succumbed to his injuries.

Speculation of Vladimir's Death

Many Battlefield 3 gamers have speculated or claimed that Vladimir is probably still alive, but most of them might clearly did not listen to the game's cutscenes and information, or understand some of them.

One speculation is that, during the mission Kaffarov, Vladimir is still alive and it is leading gamers to believe that this is his current status. However, the mission Kaffarov takes place in the past and is not in chronological order. Comrades takes place after Kaffarov and is the mission that resulted in Vladimir's death. His comrades Dima and Kiril then witness his death, and leave him believing they can still stop the Russian nuclear device from detonating in Paris, which would most likely cause a war between France and Russia.


  • His voice and likeness is portrayed by Ilia Volok.
  • The mission Kaffarov comes first in the storyline's actual chronology before the mission Comrades, it is why Vladimir is still alive on the eleventh mission prior to the point of his death on the sixth mission. This chronology is done to explain the game's story in a proper way.
  • Judging by the cloudy appearance on the iris of one of his eyes, he is most likely half-blind.
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