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[[File:Vodnik Phoenix.jpg|thumb|250px|GAZ-3937-based air defense system]]
[[File:Vodnik Phoenix.jpg|thumb|250px|GAZ-3937-based air defense system]]
Along with other modules, the [[GAZ-3937 Vodnik]] can be fitted with AA complex, called Phoenix ADS ("ЗРК Феникс" in Russian).
How often will I have to edit this page??? It's just a fucked up, piece of shit, truck!!!
==Battlefield 3==
|health = 900
|disable = 750|passengers = • Driver<br/>• Gunner<br/>• Two passengers<br/>(Four total)
|weapon2 = [[Anti-Air Missile]]
|damage2 =
|fire2 =
|ammo2 = 2 missiles (AA)<br>4 missiles (rocket pod)
|weaponalt2 = [[Rocket Pods]]
|man = Medium (10 m turn radius)
|used = Russian Ground Forces|features = • High-speed transport<br/>• Mobile air defense system
|image = [[File:Vodnikaa.png|250px]]|optics = [[Zoom Optics]] (gunner only)}}{{Template:Quote|The Vodnik AA is an adaptation of the Russian Vodnik into an anti-aircraft role.|Battlelog description}}
The '''Vodnik AA''' is a light anti-aircraft vehicle that appears in the ''[[Battlefield 3]]'' expansion, ''[[Battlefield 3: End Game|End Game]]''. It is armed with a remote-controlled missile launcher that can both lock on and dumb fire. The vehicle is the [[Russian Army|RGF]] counterpart to the [[United States Marine Corps|USMC's]] [[HMMWV ASRAD]].
When a player occupies the gunner seat, the Vodnik AA's weapons system takes a few seconds to come online, though allowing the targeting system to lock onto air vehicles. The anti-armor rockets deal significant damage to ground vehicles, and are accurate enough to engage distant infantry.
The Vodnik AA shares vulnerabilities with its unmodified cousin. Damage can force open the rear hatch, exposing the occupants to gunfire. The front windows are also not bulletproof (unlike the HMMWV). The small side ports and undercarriage can allow blasts to penetrate into the vehicle.
[[Category:Vehicles of Battlefield 3]]
[[Category:Vehicles of Battlefield 3]]

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Vodnik Phoenix

GAZ-3937-based air defense system

How often will I have to edit this page??? It's just a fucked up, piece of shit, truck!!!

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