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"A ruined battleground sets the stage for a tank fight between the Bolsheviks in red and the Imperial Army in white. Makeshift shelters provide cover from the freezing cold and the constant exchange of heavy firepower."

DLC Overview -

Volga River (Russian: Река Волга) is a map featured in the Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar expansion.[1]

The map is set on the outskirts of Tsaritsyn on the banks of the Volga River. After the capture of the city by the White Army in June 1919, Bolshevik forces under local military chairman Joseph Stalin rallied to retake it, staging an all-out assault that eventually succeeded in January 1920.


The Reds fight against the White in the remains of a demolished town in the countryside of the western shores of the Volga. A "chimney forest" and the presence of transmission poles suggest this was once a busy town. Now, with ruined timber roofs and shattered masonry foundations uniformly lining the cratered streets for blocks, the scale of the former settlement and the level of destruction that followed become immediately apparent. The only buildings still standing are on the periphery, and along the banks of the river, which is frozen over and safe to traverse within the map boundaries. A slight hill runs up from the coastline, raising the map center, which is embedded with an extensive network of trenches lined with barbed wire obstacles that, along with the dirt roads, carve clear routes through the devastation. At the crest of the hill sits a large, ruined church, with a bell tower that still has yet to fall.

The entire map is covered in light snow, although the actions of battle can turn up the dark earth beneath. Weather on this map alternates between overcast skies, a snowfall, or a full-on blizzard. To the east, the city of Tsaritsyn can be seen in the distance, which the Red Army is advancing towards. The smoldering dome of the Cathedral of Light, and the cargo ship docked at the Merchant District, are both clearly visible across the frozen waters.


In place of a Behemoth, the trailing team will receive four Elite kits: both of the Sentry kits, a Flame Trooper kit, and a Tank Hunter kit.

Control Points[]


Control Point Conquest Domination Operations Rush
Red Army Deployment BF1 Red Army Icon.png
Red Line A 1B
Staging Area B 1A 1A
Zevina's Church C A 2A 2B
White Barracks D
Shillera Village E 2B
Gromki Mill F 3B 4B
Don Trestle G 3A 4A
White Army Deployment BF1 Russian Empire Icon.png
Chimney Forest B 2A
Hilltop 30 C 3A


A hexagonal seven-flag setup is used for Conquest, with the centrally located church ruin objective positioned inside the outer points. In the middle of the map, movement between objectives is facilitated by a large network of dirt roads for vehicles, and an array of shoulder-height trenches for infantry, with ample cover being provided by the rows of destroyed houses, and debris covering the streets. Further out, the map becomes more open, with the initially intact buildings being the few islands of cover between objectives. Additional topographical features, such as a dell running horizontally across the north side of the map, as well as the range of foothills to the south and northwest, further divide the map.

The capture zones on Volga River tend to be large to accommodate the use of Mark V Landships, of which each team has access to three, as well as two Cavalry units. While a small number of points are located inside trenches and building ruins, the interiors themselves are usually large enough to accommodate an armored vehicle. The map is notable in Conquest for its complete lack of usable gun emplacements and neutrally spawning Elite Kits.


BF1 Red Army Icon.png Red Army
Light vehicle(s)

2 Horses


3 Mark V Landships

BF1 Russian Empire Icon.png White Army
Light vehicle(s)

2 Horses


3 Mark V Landships


Red Army Deployment[]

The Reds deploy from a stationary troop train stopped in an untouched village in the southwest corner of the map. The trench network starts a short distance away, lending infantry some cover as they connect to the nearby Red Line and Staging Area objectives. Two dirt roads take vehicles and cavalry along the coastline or through the ruins of the west side. The nearby rail track carries on across a causeway into the city of Tsaritsyn.

White Army Deployment[]

The Whites start by separate a separate rail line, connecting to a bridge spanning the Volga located in the map's northeast. The Russian spawn behind a hill down from the line to protect from spawn campers. Following the rail tracks west leads to the train wreck at Don Trestle, while the road south passes by the Gromki Mill. As with the Red spawn, a line of trenches runs between the nearest two flags, and is found on the opposite slope of the hill.


Red Line[]

The Red Line consists of an artillery pit lined with howitzers intermixed with a former residential district. Two intact structures in the capture zone are surrounded by the remnants of demolished structures. The dugout here is connected to trenches spanning the ground south of the objective, and link up at the Staging Area to the west.

Staging Area[]

The Staging Area objective consists of a dugout servicing a line of trenches. The dirt road to this objective is lined with roadblocks, with the other approaches littered with ridges of dirt and rubble topped with wire entanglements, burnt-out tank hulls, and the beginnings of the chimney forest. A single standing structure is found on the edge of the capture radius to the west.

Zevina's Church[]

The main focal point of the map, Zevina's Church, is located atop a hill in the direct center of the map. Thick walls line the exterior and provide a perimeter for the capture zone, with the rest of the exterior surrounded from almost all sides by fields of destroyed buildings. Similarly sturdy pillars line the middle of the foundation, breaking up a line of sight in the capture zone itself. Rubble piles litter the ground as well - those found around the outer walls can be scaled to reach elevated positions and the bell tower, which can be reached by blowing up the side with a tank or rocket. The tower has 3 levels that are connected via ladders. It provides an excellent spot for scoped weapons, mainly bolt action rifles. Combat encounters in the vicinity of the objective are likely to be in close-quarters, although the commanding position of the objective can allow those holding the flag to project force onto nearby areas from protected positions.

White Barracks[]

The White Barracks is on the other side of a cemetery directly northwest of the church, and is located at the intersection of a network of three trenches. Rudimentary sleeping quarters and supply areas, sheltered by wooden lean-tos, branch off from the dugout. The lines continue a short distance north and south, with the main artery connecting to the church fortifications when followed east. Wooden platforms at road junctions cover rivulets to aid tank travel.

Shillera Village[]

A settlement near the Volga, consisting of a few tattered wooden homes and dividing fencing. The church to the west stands over the objective and, although at the lowest elevation of any other flag, is shielded from view by the blocks of destroyed buildings of the map center, as well as few ridges lining the adjacent roads. Care must instead be taken when approaching along the shoreline, as there is significantly less cover.

Gromki Mill[]

The carcass of an industrial building, its purpose no longer discernible, stands on an embankment overlooking the Volga. Tall rubble piles and the columns of outbuildings stand beside portions of the mill wall, limiting sightlines and providing directional cover. This objective, as well as the Don Trestle flag, are somewhat cutoff from the rest of the map by a long dell to the south, which facilitates infiltration from that direction and must be crossed using bridges by players in tanks.

Don Trestle[]

Near a bridge over a large stream, the wreck of an armored train lies buried in the snow. Sitting adjacent is a shallow trenchline, commanding watch over the base of the valley to the south-west. Attackers must move uphill to reach this flag, and clear both sides of the train for resistance, as the capture radius is somewhat expansive. The area also provides long-range shooting opportunities against enemies at the Mill, and those moving to it.


Volga River, along with the following Tsaritsyn, form the "Red Tide" operation. It details the Bolshevik counter-attack against the city after it was reoccupied by the Tsar-aligned Whites, amidst the backdrop of the Russian Revolution of 1919. The Red forces must clear the west bank of the Volga of resistance before crossing the river into the city itself.

Sector 1[]

In the first assault, the Reds attack northwards through trenches alongside the train station, aiming for objectives on the outskirts of the ruined town. Objective A, the Staging Area, is up a dirt road to the northwest, and consists of a dugout fortified with rubble and barbed wire. Objective B, the Red Line, sits roughly parallel to the east - the objective is shifted further north compared to its Conquest location, past the howitzer battery and cluster of buildings, now placed amongst the masonry ruins of a house at the foot of the ridge.

With the latter of the objectives, the Soviets possess superiority in cover at the objective, with the Red Line being far from the White's deployment, with the anti-communists additionally prevented from entering the forward trenches, howitzer battery and buildings in front of Red Line by the team's boundary. The former objective is much more formidable a target, and although their advance is aided by trenches, supported by a marginal superiority in armour, and their enemy restricted by another boundary close to the objective area, the attacker's final approach is over somewhat open ground. This culminates in a close-quarters trench clearing action, which can result in a significant bleed in manpower. Additionally, the White forces spawn uphill in the relative cover of the town ruins, allowing counter-attacks to be made swiftly and from protected positions.

The attackers are assisted in their assault by two tanks and two cavalrymen, while the defenders field one tank and two cavalry units of their own.

Sector 2[]

The next wave is concentrated against the map center, with the objectives being the ruined Zevina's Church and the Shillera Village. Again, the isolated objective close to the shore presents the easier of the two targets, although the reduction in armored strength on the Red side can have an influence on this. The defenders of the church can initially enjoy the fortified position of the building interior. Despite this, a large capture radius can allow attackers to infiltrate in great numbers, and forcing a chaotic mêlée. Holding both objectives simultaneously may prove difficult for either team.

The Reds lose a tank in this phase, but retain their cavalry units. The White Russian equipment loadout remain unchanged.

Sector 3[]

The final objectives of the Volga River battle lie across the dry river bed from the flattened town. Objective A to the northwest, Don Trestle, and B to the northeast, Gromki Mill, are not far apart but are somewhat isolated from each other by open terrain. The Whites again command strong defensive positions in the form of the sturdy mill walls and the high ground overlooking the valley. Flanks around the extreme edges of the map are advised, lest the attackers be cut down on their approach. Unfortunately for the defenders, should their fortified strongholds be lost, they themselves must counterattack over highly exposed ground to stand any chance of holding the line. Failing to do so here would allow the Red Army a clear route across the Volga, and into the city of Tsaritsyn.

In the last phase, cavalry units on both sides are reduced by one.


Rush on Volga River sees the Red Army attack against White Army communication assets on the west bank of the river. It consists of four phases.

Sector 1[]

The first sector is along the Red frontline in the southern section of the map. Objective A is located on the west side of the line, by a battle-scarred house standing alongside the road adjacent to the Staging Area. Objective B is found in the trench line, further east.

The Red Army has two landships and two horses in support, with the Whites fielding their own tank in defense. They also have access to an FK 96 field gun covering the main road to the Staging Area.

Sector 2[]

The next sector is located further up the road from Staging Area. Objective A is in a ditch east of the main road, at the same location as the Domination objective of Chimney Forest. It is southwest of objective B, which is in the middle of Zevina's Church.

The Reds are down to one tank and one horse.

Sector 3[]

The third sector has no counterpart in Conquest and Operations, but is nearby the Domination objective of Hilltop 30, located between the church and the dry river bed. Following the main road north, one of each of the pair of objectives are found off opposite sides of the road. Objective A is outside one of a cluster of intact buildings west of the road. The house is the one closest to the road. Objective B is in a rubble pile on the east side of the road. There is about 70m in between the two telegraphs.

The vehicle compliment is the same in this sector as the last, and remains so in the next and final phase.

Sector 4[]

Sector four is the last set of objectives, north of the river bed. Objective A is in a trench line downhill and to the east of the Don Trestle train wreck objective. Objective B is in the southwest corner of Gromki Mill, in the still standing alcove parallel with the stone bridge road.

The defenders have access to an FK 96 field gun on the ridgeline nearby objective A.

Supply Drop[]

Supply Drop on Volga River takes place primarily around the central belt of the map, and includes Zevina's Church, the White Barracks and Shillera Village within its boundaries.

The Red Army starts on the south side of the map, spawning from bases north of the Staging Area and south of Shillera Village. The White Army control the north, and have the option of deploying from the Gromki Mill or the cluster of buildings at the north end of the White Barracks trench line.

Each team is allocated two horses, one each available from either of their spawn points.


Domination takes place within similar map boundaries to Supply Drop, but shrunk slightly, with the Shillera Village now cut off. Combat takes place primarily around the ruined Church of the map center.

Zevina's Church[]

Inside the church interior, near the eastern wall.

Chimney Forest[]

Outside the exterior of the church to the southwest, in a shallow trench.

Hilltop 30[]

Located northwest of the church is a large crater containing a tank wreck, surrounded by rubble piles.

Team Deathmatch[]

Team Deathmatch takes place in the same area as Domination.

War Pigeons[]

War Pigeons uses the same map boundaries as Domination and Team Deathmatch.



  • In the game files this map is named MP_Volga.
  • The underside of a destroyed Mark V Landship on the map can be interacted with. Interacting with it will play audio clips from the animation series Battlefield Friends.[2]

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