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"Ergonomically designed with a fibre-reinforced polymer shell, the Voss L-AR (Light Assault Rifle) is a close cousin of the Krylov FA-37, sacrificing incapacitation capabilities for increased portability and firing longevity. Used primarily in supportive, high movement scenarios, the Voss L-AR uses lower calibre ammunition allowing for higher volume cartridges, enabling prolonged suppressive assault."

— In-Game Description

The Voss L-AR (Light Assault Rifle) is a light assault rifle featured in Battlefield 2142. It is available as an unlock for the Assault kit on both sides.

Despite its description, it takes the Voss as many shots to kill an enemy as it does from Krylov FA-37 or SCAR 11. While the Voss has both worst first shot accuracy and biggest spread of all the rifles, it also has the lowest recoil. Out of all the assault rifles when fired on full auto, the Voss becomes the most accurate with the third shot.

Combined with its large magazine size, the Voss is a simple but effective weapon. Crouching and aiming down sights when firing is helpful, as it is with the other weapons. The Voss L-AR can be equipped with PK-74 AR-Rockets or the Herzog AR-Shotgun, with the rounds in a small box mounted on the top of the stock of the weapon.


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