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"In a surprise move, forces of the People’s Liberation Army have attacked and captured Wake Island in a bid to threaten US lines of supply. USMC forces have been short-stopped from their deployment in Manchuria to respond to this new threat. The airbase on Wake Island is the linchpin of the Chinese air threat, however it is highly susceptible to ground attack from either the northern or southern approaches of the island."

— In-game description

Wake Island 2007 is a map featured in Battlefield 2. It involves a United States Marine Corps amphibious assault on the recently captured Wake Island by the People's Liberation Army. The level only comes in a 64-player size and is not available in Singleplayer or Co-op.


There are 5 flags, all held at the beginning of the game by the PLA. The USMC must launch an amphibious attack from their waiting fleet.

USMC forces start with more reinforcement tickets than the PLA (330 vs 300), but are at a slow ticket-bleed until they manage to control at least one flag. If all flags are captured by the USMC, PLA forces will lose their tickets extremely quickly, usually resulting in immediate defeat. A certain frontline that can only be displaced by brute force or by entering through a different leg of the island.

Control point overview[]

Control Point 64
Carrier Flag of the United States
Conq UncapFriendly
North Base People's Republic of China
North Village People's Republic of China
South Base People's Republic of China
Beach People's Republic of China
Airfield People's Republic of China


Flag of the United States United States Marine Corps
Light vehicle(s)
Main battle tank(s)
Fixed-wing aircraft
Naval vessel(s)
People's Republic of China People's Liberation Army
Light vehicle(s)
Main battle tank(s)
Fixed-wing aircraft

Map Layout[]


The Carrier is the starting point for the USMC. On the flight deck spawn two F-35B, one Black Hawk and an AH-1Z with two carrier anti-air emplacements. The UAV trailer and Radar Station are located at the Carrier. It is mostly advised for the AA crew to keep a constant watch for any air vehicles, due to the flight tech being mostly open ground.

The second spawn is an island in the middle of the bay. It hosts three artillery pieces, two RIBs on the eastern part of the island, and a Stinger missile site in the west part. The Stinger can be used to frighten away helicopters or jets and the RIB Boats make a great launching point on the island. It also can be used as a position for snipers to hunt down enemy infantry along the coastal beaches.

South Base[]

The South Base is the furthest West control point of the island's southern limb, initially under PLA control, and spawns two FAV, a Type 98 and an IGLA. Under USMC control, it will spawn two DPV, an M1A2 and a Stinger.

It is located on the other side of the Landing Beach to the Airfield. Mostly majority of the islands can be used to hide behind (none of which are accessible), mostly the layout is open with four buildings. There's a destroyable bridge to the west that can be destroyed to somewhat block off the other part of the island.


Located in the center-south of the map, the Beach spawns no unique vehicles. The flag is now situated between the South Base and Airfield. While the flag layout is open with a sandbag bunker overlooked by a hill. The Sandbag bunker inside is in the capture radius of the flag so throwing a grenade in there can be useful.

North Village[]

The North Village is the northernmost flag, spawning two FAVs, a Type 98 and an IGLA. Under USMC control, it will spawn a DPV, a FAV and an M1A2.

It has multiple buildings that can be used as flanking routes. The base is somewhat more urban then most and has multiple buildings. The layout is somewhat close to medium range, SMGs can be useful here, bridge can be located between the North Village and North Base. One of the three MBTs spawn here, alongside a buggy. An AA emplacement spawns a little west of the flag.

North Base[]

The North Base is located between the North Village and Airfield, spawning a FAV, a NJ2046 and an IGLA. Under USMC control, it will spawn a DPV, a HMMWV and a Stinger.

The control point consists of a few buildings. The beaches on the opposite sides of the base can be an excellent flanking point. The layout is usually open, and a small bunker is located south that can be used as cover or can be used to be in Commander mode. A bridge is located between the North Village and the base. It can be destroyed to force the vehicles to wait until the bridges are repaired. Two hills are located near the bridge that can be used as sniping points from the other base.


The Airfield is the main base of the PLA as it includes the only runway, helicopter pads, and the commander assets of the PLA team. Specifically, it hosts three artillery pieces, the UAV trailer and radar station, as well as three stationary Type 95 LMG, three IGLA, two FAVs, a Type 98, a Z-8, a Z-10 and a J-10.

Taking off from the locations is rather risky due its rather open terrain. Contrary to many other Battlefield 2 maps with an airfield, this one is capturable, which makes it important to be defended. It also serves as a connection of the island's two wings, making it accessible by two ways.

If the USMC capture the position, it will spawn three stationary M249 LMG, three Stingers, two DPVs, an M1A2 and a F-18, but no helicopters.



  • Wake Island has been played as the #1 Chinese map of Battlefield 2.
  • Many Japanese Zeroes can be seen scattered throughout the map serving as a reference to Battlefield 1942.