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"In 2144, the EU forces established a secret Titan repair and re-armament base on Wake Island with the intent of dividing PAC forces, and their supply lines from the East and West of their location. The construction of the base went undetected until PAC satellites detected military activity in the region and, in response, sent in their forces to put an end to the EU occupation and its plans. A victory for the PAC forces will strengthen their supply route to the frontline, a defeat will cause massive casualties caused by a lack of supplies."

— In-game description

Wake Island 2142 is a map featured in Battlefield 2142. It is a community map based around the continuation of Wake Island map variants in the Battlefield series. The map was introduced in Patch v1.50 along with Operation Shingle.


Wake Island 2142 is, by landscape design, an exact copy of Wake Island 2007. However, there are many fundamental differences. The airfield in all of the previous variants has been replaced by a fairly large walled-off facility: a Titan maintenance base. The small villages from the last century still stand on the Northern Tip of the island, whist a military facility lies on the Southern Tip.

The EU controls a single MK-1 Titan that is sitting in dock at the primary maintenance station at the time of the PAC attack. This Titan, unlike any other EU Titan in the game, cannot be destroyed. It can, however, be captured by holding the central core, which can only be accessed by PAC borders by destroying all four reactor consoles first. The PAC Titan cannot be destroyed by the EU team, nor can it move. The Titan also lacks a shield around the hangar which means that PAC troops can enter it from the front.

Conquest Assault[]

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EU Flag1 EU
VTOL aircraft

Control Points[]

PAC Titan[]

The nearby PAC Titan serves as the main base for the PAC team. Like other Titans, it spawns gunships and air transport vehicles.