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"Welcome back to the battlefield that started it all. Welcome back to Wake Island.
As Chapter 5: War in the Pacific continues, we’re now deploying our reimagination of what is arguably the most iconic Battlefield map ever. As you fight for control over land, air, and sea on this horseshoe-shaped classic, we hope you’ll enjoy both the nostalgia and the new improvements."

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Wake Island is a map of Battlefield V set to be introduced in the fifth Tides of War chapter, War in the Pacific. It was first revealed in Battlefield V – War in the Pacific Official Trailer. It will be released on December 12, 2019.[1]


The map is similar to past installments but is larger to better match the real life scale of the island. The increased terrain size creates better pacing and more places to take cover such as in foliage or rock formations. Fortifications allow for the destruction and repair of bridges on the map. They can also be used to stop the advance of the enemy team due to the linear nature of the map.[2]

Flag LayoutEdit

Conquest AssaultEdit

Battlefield V Wake Island Conquest Layout



US DeploymentEdit

Japanese DeploymentEdit


A: HotelEdit

B: BarracksEdit

C: HangarEdit

D: Ammo DepotEdit

E: Oil TanksEdit

F: DockEdit




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