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For other versions of the map, see Wake Island (Disambiguation)
"Welcome back to the battlefield that started it all. Welcome back to Wake Island.
As Chapter 5: War in the Pacific continues, we’re now deploying our reimagination of what is arguably the most iconic Battlefield map ever. As you fight for control over land, air, and sea on this horseshoe-shaped classic, we hope you’ll enjoy both the nostalgia and the new improvements."

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Wake Island is a map of Battlefield V that was introduced in the fifth Tides of War chapter, War in the Pacific. It was first revealed in Battlefield V – War in the Pacific Official Trailer. It was released on December 12, 2019.[1]


The map is similar to past installments but is larger to better match the real life scale of the island. The increased terrain size creates better pacing and more places to take cover such as in foliage or rock formations. Fortifications allow for the destruction and repair of bridges on the map. They can also be used to stop the advance of the enemy team due to the linear nature of the map.[2]

Flag Layout

Conquest Assault

Battlefield V Wake Island Conquest Layout



US Deployment

Japanese Deployment


A: Hotel

B: Barracks

C: Hangar

D: Ammo Depot

E: Oil Tanks

F: Dock



  • North-west of the airfield on Wake Island there is a monument from DICE that says: To those who fought here in 1942 - BF2 - 2142 - 1943 - BF3 - BFV We are grateful. This is an updated version of the same easter egg that appeared in the Battlefield 3 version of the map.
  • An elaborate easter egg can be discovered at the "We are grateful" plaque. The full instructions are as follows:[3]
    • A crab is located in front of the plaque. Hidden around the map are multiple crabs. Approaching the crabs will cause them to make a clicking sound, burrow into the ground, and reappear in front of the plaque. If five crabs are found, the six crabs will form a circle, and a pair of headphones and a gramophone will appear in the middle of the circle.
    • After picking up the headphones, the player can head to an M-COM located at D Flag, and hear morse code coming from the M-COM. The morse code decrypts to a string of code, which, when Googled, will direct to a coordinate located near the real Wake Island. By heading to the corresponding location in-game, the player can find a vinyl record hidden under the water.
    • With the vinyl record, if the player interacts with the gramophone, the Battlefield: 1942 theme will start to play. The M-COM morse code will also change, pointing to a new set of coordinates, and another vinyl record can be picked up at the corresponding in-game location. Interact with the gramophone again, and the song will change to a song from Battlefield 2. The process can be repeated several times, changing the song to Battlefield 2142, Battlefield Heroes, Battlefield 1943, and Battlefield 3 songs.
    • After the Battlefield 3 song, one more vinyl record can be found. By interacting with the gramophone again, crabs will begin to appear next to the plaque, and an EDM remix of the Battlefield theme, accompanied with crab clicks, will start playing. When the song reaches the climax, the crabs will begin to dance with the beat, and pyrotechnics will be fired from the plaque.
    • The crab dancing, combined with the EDM music and the tropical setting, is likely a reference to the music video of EDM song Crab Rave by Noisestorm, which depicts crabs dancing on a tropical island, and is also an internet meme.



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