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"Welcome back to the battlefield that started it all. Welcome back to Wake Island.
As Chapter 5: War in the Pacific continues, we’re now deploying our reimagination of what is arguably the most iconic Battlefield map ever. As you fight for control over land, air, and sea on this horseshoe-shaped classic, we hope you’ll enjoy both the nostalgia and the new improvements."

Official Blog

Wake Island is a map of Battlefield V that was introduced in the fifth Tides of War chapter, War in the Pacific. It was first revealed in Battlefield V – War in the Pacific Official Trailer. It was released on December 12, 2019.[1]


The map is similar to past installments but is larger to better match the real life scale of the island. The increased terrain size creates better pacing and more places to take cover such as in foliage or rock formations. Fortifications allow for the destruction and repair of bridges on the map. They can also be used to stop the advance of the enemy team due to the linear nature of the map.[2]

Flag Layout


Control Point Conquest Assault Breakthrough Squad Conquest
US Deployment U.S. flag, 48 stars
Hotel A 1A
Barracks B 1B U.S. flag, 48 stars
Hill A
Hangar C 2A B
Outpost C
Ammo Depot D 3A Japan Flag
Oil Tanks E 3B
Dock F 4A

Conquest Assault

Battlefield V Wake Island Conquest Layout

Similar to previous installments, Conquest Assault is fought under pre-controlled flags, creating ticket bleed for attackers unless an objective is neutralized. Six flags are under control by the Japanese from the start.

700 tickets are allocated for the Americans, while only 500 are alloted for the Japanese.



US Deployment

The American forces deploy on two LSTs in the Pacific Ocean from the northwestern edge of the island, housing two unspecialized LVT tanks and LCVP boats for transport per LST.

Japanese Deployment

The Japanese deploy on captured flags, squad members, spawn beacons, and vehicles active on the battlefield only.


A: Hotel

This building under construction is located to the north central of the map, and is directly facing the LST boats, which can create early conflicts, as the Japanese can deploy meters within the Hotel before the round starts. The Hotel houses multiple empty corridors with large windows that can create vulnerabilities in flanking, as well as scaffoldings that have ladders and a staircase to reach the second floor itself.

An Ammo and Health resupply point is located near the staircase to the second floor. A Vehicle Resupply station is separated by a hill and covered by a hut, but is exposed to the open water, leaving vehicles exposed to enemy fire from all sides. A Type 10 emplacement is located near the Resupply point to provide long range fire to deter amphibious advances.

B: Barracks

Formerly a residential area for the contractors and soldiers stationed in 1941, the Barracks now shelter Japanese forces within houses with some having cabinets of storage providing cover, but at the risk of being crushed by debris. Tank blocking Fortifications similar to Dragon's Teeth can be built within the objective near the northern shore.

An Ammo and Health resupply station is located within a truck in the middle of the objective, but is highly exposed to enemy fire.

Two dinghy boats are available in a nearby jetty for amphibious transport, as well as a single transport vehicle.

C: Hangar

Similar to Aerodrome, this objective is centered around a single hangar, but with opportunities from above thanks to ladders located outside the hangar. The roofing of the hangar can be destroyed in order to reveal enemy positions to relay to teammates from above. On the right side of the hangar, two 6 Pounder guns are located within houses pointing towards the water, making it effective when in range against amphibious attacks.

The Hangar entrances can be blocked with Tank blocking cube Fortifications for cover. South of the hangar include transport vehicles for use.

D: Ammo Depot

The Ammo Depot is situated south of the Hangar and near a runway, which is used for deploying aircraft, but is totally risky especially when enemies are swarming this objective, leaving planes vulnerable to enemy fire. This objective is comprised of bunkers that house supplies that provide close quarters fights within multiple corridors. Access to this objective can be from the Oil Tanks, the underground tunnels below the runway, or the runway itself. In the runway near the Depot, a watchtower can be utilized to provide overwatch not only from the Depot, but also from the Hangar and Oil Tanks.

An Ammo and Health resupply station is located in a small road between the bunkers.

This objective contains explosive ordnance within bunkers that when hit by players, triggers explosions equivalent to a V-1/JB-2/Ki-147 blast, and kills every player within danger close, as well as destroying the bunker in the process, leaving them exposed to enemies.

E: Oil Tanks

Providing the critical supply for the war effort, the Oil Tanks are situated within an underground corridor with access provided via staircases. Within the underground, ladders can be found that lead to top of the tanks, ideal for overwatch. Players should be aware of enemies from above due to the vertical nature of the objective.

Ammo and Health resupply stations are located in the middle of the objective, below ground. An adjacent abandoned tank houses a Vehicle Resupply station.

F: Dock

This objective spans two warehouses and a jetty that contains destroyed Sherman tanks for maintenance. 

When captured, this objective spawns a neutral, unspecialized Medium Tank for use. 

An Ammo and Health resupply station is located between the warehouses, but are exposed to enemy fire.


US Marines are tasked in retaking the island from the Japanese after suffering defeat last December 1941.

Breakthrough in Wake Island is divided into four sectors, which form a round trip from the northern shore to the southern shore of the island itself. Interestingly, unlike its previous installment, the new Wake Island in Breakthrough features the United States as the attackers of the map, while the Imperial Japanese forces are defending the island. 500 tickets are allocated for the attackers on this map.

Sector 1

Attackers are tasked in taking the unconstructed Hotel and the captured residential Barracks in this sector. There are three pathways to choose from: either the attackers can deploy from the shore dead center, or create lanes via the waters north and south in order to create flanks. Defenders should be aware of incoming attacks from the waters.

The US attackers deploy from boats carrying unspecialized LVT tanks and LCVP boats for transport, as well as allocation of planes within a distant aircraft carrier. Japanese defenders have no countermeasures on land, leaving the infantry utilizing the Type 10 emplacements as well as anti-tank weaponry from teammates to deter vehicle attacks and 3 anti-aircraft 40mm Bofors guns to defend against aircraft. 

Sector 2

After taking both objectives, the US forces have established a foothold on the island, and must now push forward to secure the sole Hangar on the island, now currently housing covered Zero aircraft. As with the previous sector, defenders should still be aware of attacks from the waters, especially from Dinghy boats coming from the Barracks.

The US forces now allow Sherman tanks for deployment on land. Three tanks are allocated for the Americans. 

Sector 3

Securing the hangar grants air superiority for the Americans. They are now tasked to capture key supply points: the Ammo Depot and the Oil Tanks.

Sector 4

After successfully securing the supplies, the Americans must now finish their conquest of the island by capturing the Dock.

Squad Conquest

Squad Conquest takes place around the Airfield at the "joint" of the Atoll, with objectives spread out in a linear fashion across the width of the airstrip. As a result most of the terrain on the south side of the map is highly open with little cover, while the north side has vegetation and uneven terrain for infantry to utilize.

Each team starts with a ticket limit of 150. Their are also allocated a single tank, as well as a light vehicle for infantry rushes across the more open sections of the map and potentially break deadlocks. It should also be noted that each deployment lacks Health, Ammo and Vehicle Resupply Stations, requiring tanks to capture the Hangar to receive ammunition and repairs.


US Deployment

The Us Deployment is on the roadway between the Barracks and Hangar Conquest objectives. They spawn very close to the Hill objective, with the hill itself screening most of their deployment area from enemy view. As the US deploy from a much narrower point of the island than the Japanese, potential base exit routes are more limited, but are substantially better covered.

Japanese Deployment

The Japanese Deployment is within the Ammo Depot at the southern end of the Airfield, with their main spawn area being on the opposite side of the below-runway tunnel from the Outpost objective. Despite this, their protected spawn area is quite large, enabling players to exit the base anywhere along the accessible length of runway, even on the east coast of the island.


A: Hill

The Hill objective is off the north end of the airstrip. It consists of a series of forifications set into a small, foliage-covered hilltop. The trench system is arranged in a coil around the hill crest with a small, circular fighting pit located centrally. The pit contains Health, Ammo and a Flamethrower battle pickup. The capture zone extends over much of the hill surface, allowing players to fight from both the trenches and surrounding bushes.

B: Hangar

The Hangar objective is the middle flag, aligned with the vertically-orientated runway that forms the playable area's centerline. The capture area is largely unchanged from Conquest, and can be captured from inside, immediately outside, or from the roof. Holding the flag can be of great benefit to teams, as it gives unrestricted sightlines over the vast majority of the map, particularly towards the Japanese side. It is also the location of the map's only Vehicle Resupply Station, as well as Health, Ammo and a Katana battle pickup.

C: Outpost

The Outpost objective is located on the south side of the play area on the inner coastline. The flag is set around the larger of the two supply docks in the area, with the capture zone encompassing both the pier extension, the dock itself, and a small section of the waterline around it. The pier is mostly devoid of cover, while the dock is sparsely covered by supply crates and cargo trucks - the area is nontheless highly vulnerable to fire from adjacent elevated positions, such as the Hangar to the north and the Control Tower and elevated runway to the south. The pier spawns two Dinghies that mostly benefit the Japanese team, allowing them to bypass the unfavourably exposed terrain around the airstrip by skirting the coastline. The flag also provides Health, Ammo and a Flamethrower pickup.

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch is centered on the Ammo Depot. The widest section the island, the play area delivers a mixture of long-range combat around the flat expanse of the airstrip runway and southern coastline, and close-quarters, semi-urban combat towards the center. While the storage bunkers can be useful holdouts for groups of infantry, they can also pose a devastating explosive hazard should the ordnance inside ignite.


  • North-west of the airfield on Wake Island there is a monument from DICE that says: To those who fought here in 1942 - BF2 - 2142 - 1943 - BF3 - BFV We are grateful. This is an updated version of the same easter egg that appeared in the Battlefield 3 version of the map.
  • An elaborate easter egg can be discovered at the "We are grateful" plaque. The full instructions are as follows:[3]
    • A crab is located in front of the plaque. Hidden around the map are multiple crabs. Approaching the crabs will cause them to make a clicking sound, burrow into the ground, and reappear in front of the plaque. If five crabs are found, the six crabs will form a circle, and a pair of headphones and a gramophone will appear in the middle of the circle.
    • After picking up the headphones, the player can head to an M-COM located at D Flag, and hear morse code coming from the M-COM. The morse code decrypts to a string of code, which, when Googled, will direct to a coordinate located near the real Wake Island. By heading to the corresponding location in-game, the player can find a vinyl record hidden under the water.
    • With the vinyl record, if the player interacts with the gramophone, the Battlefield: 1942 theme will start to play. The M-COM morse code will also change, pointing to a new set of coordinates, and another vinyl record can be picked up at the corresponding in-game location. Interact with the gramophone again, and the song will change to a song from Battlefield 2. The process can be repeated several times, changing the song to Battlefield 2142, Battlefield Heroes, Battlefield 1943, and Battlefield 3 songs.
    • After the Battlefield 3 song, one more vinyl record can be found. By interacting with the gramophone again, crabs will begin to appear next to the plaque, and an EDM remix of the Battlefield theme, accompanied with crab clicks, will start playing. When the song reaches the climax, the crabs will begin to dance with the beat, and pyrotechnics will be fired from the plaque.
    • The crab dancing, combined with the EDM music and the tropical setting, is likely a reference to the music video of EDM song Crab Rave by Noisestorm, which depicts crabs dancing on a tropical island, and is also an internet meme.



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