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For other versions of the map, see Wake Island (Disambiguation)

Wake Island is a map in the World War II Mod for Battlefield Vietnam. Like the other maps in the mod, its core features, such as flag positions, vehicle spawns, and map layout, are identical to its Battlefield 1942 counterpart, but is enhanced with updated graphics and added foliage.


As with the original, Wake Island is a Conquest Assault map, with the Marines defending the island from the Imperial Navy's assault. The IJN will start with more tickets than the Marines, but have a constant ticket bleed until they capture at least one flag.

The map's design is altered very little from the 1942 version, still catering to a narrow battlefield due to the shape of the island. The main significant change is the additional foliage now present all over the island, offering infantry more opportunities to flank opponents or hide in the brush for an ambush. As well, one or more Flamethrower Kits now spawn at all flags, providing its owners a significant increase in firepower.


With its attack on Pearl Harbor, Japan openly declared war on the United States, sinking or severely crippling a significant number of US battleships and destroying a large number of aircraft. To fully leverage the element of surprise, the Japanese fleet is now quickly advancing on other key targets throughout the Pacific. One such target is Wake Island, a small but highly strategic piece of land situated at approximately the mid-point between Tokyo and Hawaii.
Earlier this year, a small US garrison began construction of air and naval bases on Wake. These units will now be put to the supreme test of defending their unfinished bases against a fiercely determined and well-trained opponent. Sure to be outnumbered and outgunned, this small force must execute a precise strategy in order to have any hope of holding off the Imperial Fleet.


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  • Like the other maps of the World War II Mod, the level's loading brief is identical to its brief in Battlefield 1942.
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