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The Walther P38 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 1942 as the standard issue pistol of the Wehrmacht, the Afrika Korps and Imperial Japanese Navy. It has a medium rate of fire, moderate accuracy, moderate damage and moderate recoil. It can kill in 3-4 shots, or two headshots. Naturally because of its status as a sidearm, the P38 is not a very effective weapon. Its main use is for last resort or close-quarters purposes only.

The The Road to Rome expansion features the Walther P38 as the standard sidearm of the Royal Italian Army while the Secret Weapons of WWII expansion features it as the standard sidearm issued to the German Elite Forces. Its is identical to the Allied Colt and is identical in terms of stats.



  • There is an unused menu icon in the game files, featuring a black finish rather than the current brighter finish.


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