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Battlefield V 2042

"The P38 pistol was the standard German sidearm in World War II. Some of its technical solutions are still in use today. It was chambered for the 9mm Parabellum round."

— In-game Description

The P38 Pistol is a weapon featured in Battlefield V.


In The Last Tiger, player character Peter Müller starts with the P38 Pistol as their secondary weapon when getting out of the tank.


In multiplayer, the P38 is the default pistol featured for all kits and is unlocked from the start. The weapon is a four body-shot kill at minimum range, although this drops to five after 22m. This damage model is shared with the P08 Pistol which is its closest statistical relation, with identical magazine capacity and rate of fire at but with more controllable recoil and a lower muzzle velocity.

The P38 Red Devil is a variant of the P38 with a unique camouflage, available by purchasing the Deluxe Edition. Aside from aesthetics, it performs exactly the same as the normal P38.