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War Pigeons
"Retrieve and Release Pigeons

Find messenger pigeons and send messages to your supporting artillery to take out the enemies."

— In-game Description

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War Pigeons is a gamemode introduced in Battlefield 1[1] in which both teams fight for control of a messenger pigeon.


War Pigeons is a 24 player game mode. Once a game starts, a pigeon coop is placed in a pre-determined location for the first spawn, after which the pigeon can spawn anywhere on the map. Players must locate the Carrier Pigeon before the enemy and carry it to a safe location.

The player must then write a message in order to send it off to call for artillery support. Players can write the message faster while staying still. The player then has to head outdoors and release the pigeon—the pigeon is vulnerable to weapons from this point until it reaches sufficient height. If successful, an artillery barrage will strike the enemy.

A standard game ends after one team manages to successfully release 3 pigeons. There is no time limit for this game mode.


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  • The gamemode was originally known as "Pigeon Carrier", as evidenced by an unused voiceline that remains in the files that says, "You have unlocked the Pigeon Carrier gamemode."[2]
  • Early in the production of the gamemode, there were two pigeons, informally known as "Pigeon A" and "Pigeon B". This was later reduced to one pigeon in order to focus all players around picking up, writing, releasing pigeons.[3]
  • The vfx of feathers flying out of the carried pigeon box was inspired by the Blood Money gamemode from Battlefield Hardline in which money flies out of money bags carried by players.[4]