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The War of 2042 is a fictional conflict depicted in Battlefield 2042 between the United States of America and the Russian Federation.


"The world wants to forget we exist. We will force them to see."
This section contains spoilers for Battlefield 2042.
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A Decade of Chaos[]

By 2031, the Earth begins experiencing extreme climate change events as sea levels rise. The first category 6 Hurricane, Hurricane Zeta, appears on October 9th, 2033. Global shortages of food and fuel take place, and the Second Great Depression starts on January 11, 2034. On August 8th, 2035, Germany's government collapses, and the European Union is disbanded.

Many countries close their borders during the crisis, and as others collapse, over 1.2 billion people become displaced with no nation to call home. These alienated people join together for their mutual survival, creating fleets and seeking safe harbor from the dangerous global climate. These people come to be known as the Non-Patriated, or No-Pats.

By 2037, the United States and Russia are the only remaining superpowers as humanity begins adapting to this new world. Technological breakthroughs in energy and desert irrigation begin to stabilize supply chains, while hydraulic levees and sea walls allow costal cities to become habitable once again. National borders are opened once more and society begins to rebuild. The No-Pats reject calls to rejoin the countries of the "Old World", having created their own identity unbound by any national loyalty. As a result, No-Pats become a permanent fixture in all areas of global decision-making.[1]

Many countries, including the United States, began designating No-Pat groups as illegal smugglers and pirates. In response, many No-Pat floatillas begin forming Task Forces, armed groups of ex-military Specialists from around the world, to defend themselves when necessary.[2]

The Blackout of 2040[]

In the year 2040, a space debris storm takes place in Earth's upper atmosphere that causes a Kessler effect, causing over 70% of orbiting satellites to crash into the planet. A global blackout grips the planet and all facets of modern life are affected. Communication grids are destroyed, air travel is disrupted, supply lines are halted, and the price of essential goods is massively inflated overnight. Over 100,000 people are claimed to have died.

In the aftermath, military surveillance has become almost impossible, and the United States and Russia blame the other for causing the Blackout. Others believe the No-Pats may have been responsible, possibly desiring to create anarchy in the Old World.

The two superpowers begin a shadow war to secure vital resources. Attempting to avoid declaring a full scale war, both sides begin fielding No-Pat Task Forces as proxies in their conflicts, promising the No-Pats access to the resources in return. These conflicts continue to escalate in scale, and by 2042 open global war is all but inevitable. The remaining unaligned No-Pats are forced to pick sides in order to survive the coming conflict.[1]

Journey of the No-Pats[]

On September 12, 2041 in Doha, Qatar, journalist Kayvan Bechir is contacted by an anonymous source claiming to be "Oz", the commander of the largest organized No-Pat Task Force. Initially doubting the individual's claim, Bechir's home is raided by Qatari police shortly after being contacted by Oz, leading him to believe the message is genuine. Escaping the police under the cover of a major sandstorm, Bechir notices the No-Pat emblem hidden in multiple LED billboards around the city. Following the trail of the emblems, Bechir reaches the catacombs below the city's abandonded football stadium and meets the No-Pat Specialist Pyotr Guskovsky, who shows Bechir an escape route out of the city.[2]

Continuing to follow Oz's trail, Bechir arrives at the safehouse of a No-Pat Task Force in Alang, India on November 1, 2041, and joins them. Later that evening, the group attacks the ship breaking yard in Alang in order to steal a ship. Combating the Indian Army, the Task Force commandeers a derelict container ship. Helmed by Navin Rao, the ship escapes the port and the Army under the cover of a heavy storm, and is dubbed The Copperfield by the Task Force. The Copperfield would proceed to haul supplies between No-Pat groups in the Indian Sea for the next several months following remote orders from Oz, but begins transporting refugees in early 2042. One such refugee mission results in a skirmish with the Singaporean Port Authority at Brani Island in Feburary 2042. The Copperfield is nearly captured before being rescued by a large No-Pat floatilla which drives the SPA away.[2]

By early May 2042, Specialist Ji-Soo Paik had infiltrated Daesong Electronics in Songdo, South Korea on Oz's orders. On May 8, Ji-Soo causes an explosion at Daesong headquaters, steals 10 petabytes of data, and flees Songdo, being picked up by The Copperfield waiting in the Yellow Sea.[2]

In late June, Oz directs The Copperfield to meet a Russian cargo ship in the Pacific Ocean and pick up 5 containers of Volcov multi-munition launchers, disguised as shipments of fruit. The Copperfield ferrys the containers to their destination at Kourou, French Guiana to hand them off to a local milita there. Arriving on July 9, 2042, the exchange barely begins before American armed forces attack the militia and The Copperfield Task Force.[2]

Some of members of the Task Force, including Bechir, Rao, and Maria Falck escape from Kourou on a different ship bound for the Russian controlled Cheftaya Neft oil facility in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica. Shortly after arriving, the No-Pats discover that Russia has begun refusing to give oil to No-Pat ships who do not swear loyality to the nation. While many stranded No-Pat ships take the offer, Oz's Task Force refuses and remains trapped at the port. On August 14, 2042, the MFS-04 Exodus, under command of Captain Kimble Graves of Oz's No-Pat fleet, arrives to rescue the stranded No-Pats. After a brief exchange of missile and cannon fire with the Russians, who initially believed the Exodus to be an American ship, the Exodus picks up Oz's Task Force and the remaining refugees and departs.[2]


On October 10th, the Exodus is enroute to Freetown Port, Sierra Leone to offload refugees heading for Egypt when Oz contacts the ship and abruptly reroutes it to London, England. There, Captain Graves enters the flooded city alone to meet a contact with information valuable to Oz. American Marine Clayton Pakowski, a former squadmate of Graves, interupts the handoff however, killing the contact but is shot by Graves in the process. Graves recovers the contact's breifcase, and brings Pakowski back to the Exodus for medical treatment as a prisoner.

Oz directs the Exodus to a set of coordinates in the Mediterranean Sea, where 3 MV38-Condors will pickup the briefcase. Pakowski warns Graves that Oz will use the information in the breifcase to start another global war, which Graves disregards. However, Rao accesses the breifcase's contents aganist Graves' wishes, and discovers that it contains coordinates for the crash site of a secret American satelite weapon which will fall to earth in 36 hours. Realizing that Oz intends to sell this information to the Russians to force a conflict with the Americans, Graves decides to turn aganist Oz and sails the Exodus into an approaching category 5 storm to escape.

Undetered, the Condors open fire on the ship and Oz's soldiers begin boarding as they enter the storm, with two of the Condors colliding and exploding in the process. One of Oz's soldiers locates Graves' son, Omar, and takes him hostage to force Graves to hand over the intel. Bechir, having witnessed the kidnaping, begins following to try and stop the soldier, but encounters Pakowski handcuffed to his gurney. Pakowski convinces Bechir that he wants to help, and Bechir uncuffs the Marine who chases after the soldier and Omar.[2]

Cornered after attempting to shoot down the remaining Condor with a FXM-33 AA Missile launcher, Graves is shown his son held at gunpoint. With Omar's life at risk, Graves hands the briefcase to Oz's soldier, but Oz orders for Omar to be killed anyway. Before the soldier can kill Omar however, Pakowski arrives and shoots him, saving Omar but attracting the attention of the Condor which fires on Pakowski and kills him. Hiding Omar behind a shipping container, Graves recovers the FXM-33 and shoots down the Condor.

In the aftermath of the attack, Graves discovers that the soldier had managed to send the coordinates to Oz before dying. Moved by Pakowski's sacrifice, Graves directs the Exodus to the crash coordinates in Doha and puts out a call to any listening No-Pats to join to him and fight.[3]


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