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"The Black Weapon, it's starting! We are dead men!"

— Watanabe to Owens, after the Scalar Weapon prepares to detonate.

Watanabe (Japanese: 渡辺) was a character featured in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.



Watanabe with his Nambu

Watanabe was a defecting Japanese scientist during World War II who had been working on the Scalar Weapon and had war-decisive information on the project. During Operation Aurora, two squads were dispatched to rescue him. After Able Squad was gunned down by a Japanese MG bunker before air raids commenced on the island, Bravo Squad continued in the mission and were successful. As the squad prepared to make it's way off the island, a distinct groaning sound could be heard, to which Watanabe rambles in Japanese, and tells the squad in English that they were all doomed. He was escorted to the island's Sub Pens where the squad commandeered a Japanese Submarine and escaped the island. Upon escape, however, the Scalar Weapon initiates and results in an enormous shockwave, which caused a tidal wave that drowned everyone on board the vessel, including Watanabe.


  • Despite being equipped with a Nambu, he does not actually shoot at any Japanese soldiers.
  • On his jacket there is a Nazi symbol known as the "Black Sun", associated to the occult, possibly explaining the origin of the "Black Weapon".