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A firearms license or weapon license, is a license or permit issued by some governments of a country that allows the licensee to buy, own, possess, and use firearms, often subject to a number of conditions or restrictions, especially with regard to storage requirements or the completion of a firearms safety course, as well as background checks, etc. Firearms licenses are not required in all jurisdictions.

The permit or license scope varies according to what firearm(s) and or activity(s) it allows the holder to legally do with the firearm.[1]

Battlefield Hardline[]

Weapon Licences appear in Battlefield Hardline for faction specific weapons. They allow players to utilize faction specific weapons for both Criminals and Law Enforcement factions. They may be obtained upon reaching 1250 kills with these weapons or with a Voucher obtained via Battlepack. Faction specific weapons are still restricted to their respective classes, however.

A Weapon License Voucher

A weapon license assignment is completed upon obtaining the respective weapon license.

Available Weapon Licenses[]

There are currently forty-six available faction weapons, each with their own corresponding weapon license.

Weapon List[]


  • A common glitch is for the game to state that a weapon license has been unlocked despite not actually being true.