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"The monster is a weapon. But what happens if the Russians make one before we do? Or the British?"

— Weber justifying Germany's atomic program to Astrid.

Leutnant Weber is the main antagonist of the Battlefield V singleplayer war story Nordlys.


A German Army officer deployed in occupied Norway, he oversees the production and export of heavy water at the Rjukan hydroelectric plant. He speaks fluent Norwegian, having lived there during his childhood. He professes to have both an admiration of and unease towards the natural beauty and folklore of the country. Outside of the military, he has a wife and several children back home in Germany, and professes to miss them very much.

Weber is responsible for capturing Astrid Bjørnstad, a technician at the plant. Before the beginning of the story, Astrid was responsible for assisting a failed British Commando raid on the facility, in the aftermath of which all surviving members were executed. Although having exposed her as an active member of the Norwegian Resistance, he does not harm her, likely because he recognises her as invaluable to the continued production of heavy water. His own commitment to developing the German atomic weapons program in an effort to save his family from a nuclear attack by the Soviet Union or Britain, mirrors Astrid's own wish to safeguard her daughter Solveig by destroying it.

Weber restrains and interrogates Astrid within her office, where he examines her file and personal effects, which includes a family photograph showing Solveig as a young girl. He is unable to coerce the captive into revealing the identity of the "someone out there" - believed to be a survivor of the botched raid but actually Solveig trailing her mother to attempt a rescue. Weber leaves, during which time Astrid is freed by Solveig but the alarm is raised. As the pair try to escape over a bridge, Weber blocks both ends of the bridge and advances on them. Weber convinces his men to show mercy against them despite the two having killed German guards in their escape attempt, while at the same time getting the pair to disarm. At this point Solveig, believed to be a British-trained Commando, is revealed by Astrid as her daughter. Solveig escapes with intelligence on the transport plans of the heavy water after she is thrown over the bridge by Astrid, although the latter is recaptured.

Weber accompanies Astrid to a bunker housing the heavy water shipments. Weber intends to take Astrid back to Germany on a submarine along with the heavy water, although Solveig catches up with them. Weber fires his pistol at her as the convoy takes him and Astrid to the rendezvous. As the two are embarking Solveig appears again, shooting several guards and pinning Weber down behind the conning tower. He sees Astrid fleeing and fires at her, hitting her in the back. As he advances upon the wounded technician, she deposits a primed grenade taken from a guard at Weber's feet. The explosion takes Weber and the submarine with her.