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Webster Mackay is a specialist featured in Battlefield 2042.


Outdoorsman. Nomad. Soldier. Mackay is an ass-kicker with a conscience. Following his father's footsteps, Mackay joined the Canadian military in his teens. At the height of his military career, he was a member of Joint Task Force 2 as a part of a counter-terrorism unit.

After retiring from the military, he followed his dreams of exploring and living off the grid. Now, this Assault soldier fights for the Non-Patriated to make right a regret from his military days.[1]


"Fires a rope that attaches to surfaces. When attached, the rope is retracted and the player gets pulled towards the attach point."

Official Battlefield website

Mackay comes with the Grapple Gun as his specialty.


"Allows the player to move more quickly while aiming down sights, further

" Official Battlefield website

Mackay comes with Nimble as his trait.

"I am not overconfident, I'm just better than anyone else!"

— Webster Mackay

Combat Analysis[]

Mackay as per his gadget and trait allows him to be extremely mobile, His grappling hook allows him to reach normally difficult to inaccessible locations by other specialists, Setting up ambushes and allowing unapparelled flanks, Especially against combatants sitting on rooves. Which is deadly in conjunction with his Nimble trait, Which allows faster traversal over Ziplines and complementing his gun skill by allowing a faster aiming down movement speed, Out manoeuvring hostiles.