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==Battlefield V==
==Battlefield V==
'''Germany''' is in ''[[Battlefield V]].'' It is one of two factions available at launch, along with the [[British Army#Battlefield V|United Kingdom]].
'''Germany''' is in ''[[Battlefield V]].'' It is one of two factions available at launch, along with the [[British Army#Battlefield V|United Kingdom]].

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BF1 Medal silver

The Balkenkreuz, emblem of the Wehrmacht as seen on many vehicles

The Wehrmacht (English: Defense Force) was the unified armed forces of Nazi Germany, combining the Heer (army), the Kriegsmarine (navy) and the Luftwaffe (air force). With German Elite Forces being an unspecified elite force within the Wehrmacht.

Battlefield 1942

In Battlefield 1942, the Wehrmacht is a part of the Axis, fighting the United States Army, British Army, Canadian Army, Free French Forces and the Red Army on multiple fronts in Europe.

It is one of the three German factions in game; with the others being the Afrika Korps and German Elite Forces.

VS Team Maps
U.S. flag, 48 stars United States Army
Flag of the Soviet Union Red Army
Canadian Red Ensign 1921-1957 Canadian Army
Flag of the United Kingdom British Army
FLAG OF FREE FRANCE Free French Forces
Flag of the United Kingdom British Commandos


Unlike all other factions, the Wehrmacht uses only indigenous equipment.

The Wehrmacht wear field grey tunics with black Y-harness web gear, which may also includes brown leather ammo pouches and a pistol holster. They have black boots, and wear on their heads the distinctive stahlhelm in dull gray, with an insignia on their left and right side. In general, the faction does not carry backpacks with the exception of the Engineer, as well as the Scout kit, which is equipped with a portable radio.



1942 GA Scout


1942 GA Assault


1942 GA Antitank


1942 GA Medic


1942 GA Engineer

Vehicles used

The Wehrmacht uses exclusively indigenous equipment with the sole exception of their Armored Car, which is Italian.

Vehicle wise, all of Germany's vehicles are painted in a solid dark grey camouflage.


Light Vehicles




Battlefield V

Germany is in Battlefield V. It is one of two factions available at launch, along with the United Kingdom.


Germany is the main enemy faction in the singleplayer, encountered in the 1940, 1942 and 1944 sections of My Country Calling, Under No Flag, Nordlys and Tirailleur war stories, while friendly forces appear during The Last Tiger.

The faction has have several soldier types of both normal and elite variety, with the latter having higher health, better weapons and a unique appearance - regular enemies wear gray or khaki uniforms and standard stahlhems, while elites may be identified by their darker camouflage patterned clothing, non-standard headgear and frequent use of face coverings. Additionally, in Tirailleur some Germans appear to be Fallschirmjäger units, identified by their unique autumn camouflage and paratrooper helmets.

Combined Arms

Germany is the sole enemy faction in the co-op mode of Battlefield V, Combined Arms. Their soldier types, equipment and appearance are generally identical to the faction's appearance in singleplayer.


In the Multiplayer, the Wehrmacht is one of the two launch factions; Opposing the British Army in the Western, North African and Norwegian fronts.


VS Team Map
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom


Like Battlefield 1942, the Wehrmacht uses predominantly German made equipment. Uniquely, their light tank is Czechoslovakian.

Ground Vehicles


Air Vehicles


  • The Wehrmacht soldiers in Battlefield 1942 were voiced by Macro Kroger.
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