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The Welgun was a prototype submachine gun commissioned by the British irregular warfare organisation, the Special Operations Executive, and produced by Birmingham Small Arms. It was designed for use by SOE agents in France, and underwent trials in 1943, but owing to certain design issues it was not given priority over other more promising submachine guns and was never adopted. Only a small batch of prototypes were ever made.

Battlefield V[]

"The Special Operations Executive had many projects going during the war. Among these was the Welgun, a submachine gun that would be easy to use and cheap to produce. Only a few prototypes were made."

— In-game description

The Welgun is a weapon featured in Battlefield V. It could be seen in the This is Battlefield V trailer, with its weapon proficiency dog tags viewable in-game as early as February 2019. The SMG was introduced in the 2020 Summer Update.

Statistically, the Welgun is very similar to the EMP, sharing a damage model, rate of fire, muzzle velocity and ammunition capacity. Its main differences are its lower, omnidirectional recoil. Although pulling most strongly to the right, the weapon has similar sized left and upward recoil values - this more random recoil pattern can be less reliably compensated for, but has the potential of balancing itself out during a burst. The Welgun also has a faster reload than the EMP.

The Welgun also emulates the EMP in terms of its Specializations, with the two weapons having identical upgrade trees.