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Not to be confused with the Welgun.

The Welrod is a suppressed, bolt-action, magazine-fed pistol developed by the British and used during World War II. The pistol was intended for use by clandestine or partisan forces as a silent assassination weapon, and was designed at the request of the Special Operations Executive by Station XI in Welwyn Garden City, who also developed the Welgun. Chambered in either .32 ACP or 9mm, the weapon had a very short range but was exceptionally quiet due to a 73 dB muzzle report and a manually operated bolt. It could also be disassembled into sections to aid in concealment. Between 2,800 and 14,000 units were built, with the weapon still in service with British special forces during the Falklands and the Gulf War.[1]

Battlefield V[]

"The British developed the Welrod pistol to be as quiet as possible. It was bolt operated and magazine fed. At only 73 dBA it was about as loud as a present day car."

— In-game Description

The Welrod is a weapon featured in Battlefield V. It was introduced in the 2020 Summer Update, and can be obtained by logging in before July 2nd, 2020. [2] It first appeared in the Battlefield V - Chapter 4: Defying the Odds Trailer.

A fairly unique weapon amongst the sidearms, the Welrod is a bolt-action pistol equipped with an integral Suppressor, which hides the directional damage indicator from enemies when they are shot with the weapon, as well as preventing shots from alerting enemies in Combined Arms. Sporting the highest-in-class maximum damage on par with the Model 27, the Welrod is capable of a two bodyshot or single headshot kill out to 25m, after which it is a three bodyshot kill. Despite this high damage potential, the bolt-action operation of this pistol gives it a very low rate of fire, while its low magazine capacity of 5+1 rounds and slow reload make for a weapon that appears unsuited to head-on engagements. The pistol is therefore most practical in situations where a kill is likely with the first shot - for instance, when engaging unaware targets at close to medium range, or to finish off an enemy that is already heavily wounded. The weapon's quiet report and damage indicator characteristics can also allow users to attack enemies from a hidden position, which can be quite useful when infiltrating objectives.



  • The Welrod was originally developed for the cancelled 5v5 competitive gamemode, used by the Infiltrator class.