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A real-life Wespe.

The SdKfz 124 "Wespe" (German: Sonder Kraftfahrzeug 124 "Wespe"; English: Special Purpose Vehicle model 124 "Wasp") is a German self-propelled artillery vehicle designed in 1943, and in service with the German military until 1945. The Wespe was largely based off the Panzer II, having a similar hull and armor of 5-30mm, and using the same kind of engine, which allowed it to reach a maximum speed of 40km/h (25mph). However, its armament was heavily modified to fit a large 105mm cannon, which suited its other specifications and compensated for its lack of armor.

Battlefield 1942[]

A Wespe firing at oncoming enemy forces at Bocage

In Battlefield 1942, the Wespe is the Axis forces Artillery vehicle in base game plus Road to Rome. It has space for two players: one driver and one gunner. The driver only has the ability to drive the vehicle, having no weapons available. The gunner controls the cannon.

The Wespe excels in damage and range, though its prime weaknesses are its weak armor, equal to that of a half-track, and its lack of maneuverability. When faced with a tank, it will usually lose, as its cannon takes a much longer time to reload, and despite its advantage in power, it can still only destroy a medium tank in 2-4 shots, depending on where the projectiles hit. It is also significantly less maneuverable, and its cannon is unable to rotate, hence it can only change its aim at a very limited horizontal and vertical angle. Against heavy tanks, it will almost definitely lose. For these reasons, the Wespe's place on the battlefield is in back of the front lines, and it should never engage enemy armor in close range combat.

Players often perch the Wespe on top of secluded, high-up areas. They then aim towards a known enemy position and bombard their enemies, taking advantage of its long range and its projectile's exceptional blast radius. Some example are the mountain range at Guadalcanal or the hills around the Axis base at Operation Market Garden.

It is the Axis counterpart to the American and British Priest and the Canadian Sexton.