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The subject of this article, Westland Lysander, has been cut from the final version of a Battlefield game.

The Westland Lysander was a British biplane that saw service with the Royal Air Force during World War II. Introduced in 1938 initially as a liaison and army cooperation aircraft, but its performance in this role was found lacking as its low speed and manoeuvrability left it vulnerable to fighter intercept - 118 out of 178 deployed with the British Expeditionary Force in France and Belgium were lost to enemy action. As it was replaced with more capable aircraft, the Lysander saw a new lease of life in clandestine operations. Its exceptional STOL performance allowed it to land on makeshift airfields in occupied territory, allowing it to supply materiel and personnel to the French Resistance. Other roles for the aircraft included artillery spotting, reconnaissance and coastal patrol.

Battlefield V[]

The Westland Lysander is an unusable vehicle in Battlefield V. It can be seen in the Battlefield V - Chapter 4: Defying the Odds Trailer, appearing as a static map object on Provence in the Farm Sector area. The Lysander is not present in the live version of the map, however, and is considered cut.