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Wicked Wake is a map featured in Battlefield Heroes. A version of Wake Island, the map was released on July 7th, 2011 as apart of the Summer of Heroes update.


Wicked Wake is only available on the Conquest gamemode. Unlike other maps, it features five flags instead of four. Additionally, each faction has 75 tickets instead of 50. Aside from infantry combat, the map also focuses on the air superiority battles. Both teams start with four fighter planes at their base, since there are no boats available for either team to maneuver around the island. If the player captures any flag around the island, a jeep will spawn near the location to aid the player's advance on the island.


Due to the lack of boats, planes are extremely useful to reaching each of the islands on the map. Two runways are available for each faction and will continuously spawn planes. The Airfield flag also spawns one plane and one helicopter. The three tanks on the map are located at Northern Town, Southern Town, and Airfield. Jeeps are available at all flags.



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  • Prior to version 1.105 which introduced helicopters, two planes would spawn at the airfield.


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