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"Recon soldier Wikus is a loner – and the unflappable, calm presence on the Task Force. An introvert, Wikus does not make acquaintances easily, but his determination to fight for a better world is rock solid."

Official Battlefield website

Wikus "Casper" Van Daele is a specialist set to be featured in Battlefield 2042.

Specialty[edit | edit source]

"Spots nearby moving targets and can disorient enemies by using EMP blasts. Can also be used to designate targets for lock-on weapons."

Official Battlefield website

Van Daele comes with OV-P Recon Drone as his specialty.

Trait[edit | edit source]

"Alerts the player to approaching enemies, both while boots on the ground and when piloting the Recon Drone."

Official Battlefield website

Van Daele comes with Movement Sensor as his trait.

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