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Willie Bjørnstad is a minor character in the Battlefield V singleplayer war story Nordlys. He is the husband of Astrid Bjørnstad and father of Solveig Fia Bjørnstad.


Not much is known about Willie as he does not appear in person in the game. A family photo suggests that Willie was a member of the Norwegian Armed Forces. In 1940, Willie went missing during the Axis invasion of Norway - it is presumed that he was either captured or killed. As a result, Solveig joined the Norwegian Resistance. This strained her relationship with her mother Astrid who did not want to lose her daughter after losing Willie.


  • In game, Willie Bjørnstad's name is never mentioned, with only a photo of him being depicted. His name is instead shown on the description of the official TOTAKU Solveig statue.
  • His Krag-Jørgensen shown in the photograph may be the same weapon Solvieg starts Nordlys with.
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