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Working Hard is a Letter featured Battlefield V. It is found in the chapter Crossing Lines of the Under No Flag War Story.


My Dear Arnold,

Well, you needn't have worried about missing out on the excitement or not being able to do our part. I am here and I have almost nothing to do. I mean, there are jobs, work, but this is not what I imagined. Not what the teachers told us, or the huge vision that they laid out for us at the youth group. For me, being in the war is very much like working at a bus depot. I fetch and carry parts, I check the machinery and not much more than that. It is horribly ordinary stuff.

The stukas are magnificent though. You should hear the noise they make as they dive. It must surely strike fear into our enemy's hearts! I'm not sure if I could hope for anyone being proud of me, because there is very little heroism to be ad here. I doubt I will ever even hear a shot fired! But tell mother and father that I am doing my best and working hard. I hope that is enough to make them proud of me.

Your old friend,


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