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"No one will ever know you were here."

— The wounded German's last words to Deme and Idrissa.

The Wounded Fallschirmjäger is a minor character featured in the Battlefield V singleplayer war story Tirailleur.


A member of the elite Fallschirmjäger, the unnamed German soldier is a committed and hateful individual, presumably to the very end. He regards the black Senegalese Tirailleurs as inferior, to the point he refuses any assistance from them, instead using his diminishing strength to spit and laugh at his enemies while taunting them in a mixture of French and German. He clearly resents being bested by them in combat as he is keen to belittle the Tirailleurs' achievements and is stubbornly confident in the superiority of his comrades. Although intending to rattle their resolve, his ravings unwittingly help his enemies by divulging the German strategy.


He is presumably wounded while defending the anti-aircraft battery from the Tirailleurs in the second chapter, Egalite. After the battle he is discovered by Idrissa and Deme as having been immobilized by a profusely bleeding wound to his abdomen, in addition to his bandaged left eye. He bitterly addresses his would-be helpers as "schweinehunde", insistent that the Fallschirmjägers' retreat is temporary, telling them that the depleted Tirailleurs are surrounded and will soon annihilated in the coming counterattack, thus erasing their actions from history and ensuring all died in vain.

The German's words upset an already shaken Idrissa although Deme remains resolute, telling his friend to look into the German's eyes and asking if he want to let him win. Deme also uses what he has been told to preempt their enemy's next move, pressing on towards the final objective at the château instead of retreating or holding in place as the Germans expect.

Left untreated and slumped over at the AA battery, it is possible the German succumbed to his wounds, although his exact fate is not shown.