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Wu (Chinese: ) is a character featured in Battlefield 4: Countdown to War.


Wu was a special forces sniper in the People's Liberation Army before being discharged due to sustaining an eye injury. He then became the security detail for a Russian arms dealer that Kovic was hoping to turn for the CIA's favor. The sting went badly when Kovic tried to use blackmail, resulting in a fight to break out between Kovic and the arms dealer. Soon after however, Wu accidentally killed his boss when trying to end the fight. Impressed by Wu's defensive skills and remorse, Kovic offered Wu a job as his security detail, to which Wu gladly accepted.

Countdown to War[]

After Kovic's return from his failed mission, Wu escorted Kovic to the US Consulate which was surrounded by protesters who were angry about the event that transpired on the Chinese-North Korean border. To keep better control over Kovic, Cutler fired Wu as Kovic's security detail though Wu continued to do the job nonetheless.

During the assault on Tsu's compound, Wu shot down a Z-9 that belonged to Tsu, incinerating the fuel tank and blowing up the helicopter. After Kovic kills Tsu, he, Zhou, Qi and Wu use a cable car to escape. However, the power fails and they are forced to jump out, free-falling several kilometers into a forest, where Hannah evacuates them.

Later on, Wu assists Kovic and Hannah in evacuating Jin Jié via the Zhi You tower. However, Wu is shot in the heart by a wounded PLA soldier, and subsequently succumbs to his wound.


  • Wu is unable to say Kovic's name and being a fan of the Men in Black movie trilogy, calls him "Agent K" instead.
  • Wu finds the word "coffin" amusing.