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The TTS Xceed is a bolt-action bullpup sniper rifle manufactured by Tec Target Schneider GmbH.[1] The company claims the design comes from the experience and production of precision rifles, resulting in a firearm with rich technical features and high adjustment options.[2]

Battlefield 2042[]

"High tech lightweight sniper rifle with modern modular design that greatly benefits from repositioning after shooting."

— In-game description

The XCE Bar is a weapon featured in Battlefield 2042, introduced in New Dawn season. The weapon is unlocked by reaching rank 16 in the Battle Pass and by completing assignments afterwards.

The XCE Bar is a sniper rifle that is meant for medium-close ranged encounters, with stats quite unlike its contemporaries. It deals less damage over a shorter range than the other two bolt actions (SWS-10 and DXR-1), but makes up for this with a lot more speed. This helps it turn into a mid-range powerhouse when used correctly.

Because of its lightweight nature, aiming time, fire rate, and overall time to kill is greatly improved over the SWS-10 and the DXR-1. As with all sniper rifles, it cannot outright kill an enemy without nailing a headshot.

Its magazine offers a small 5 + 1 capacity, the second smallest in its category. This can be extended to a 7 + 1 capacity, but still requires practice to effectively down targets without using too much ammo. There are also variations of ammo, including Close Combat, which increases fire rate and the magazine capacity, High-Power, which improves the damage falloff range, and Subsonic, which hides the direction of where an enemy is getting shot from (concealing your position).

The XCE Bar's attachments are the same that can be attached to every other sniper rifle in the game, with a few exceptions, like the default 8X XCE Scope. This scope, compared to the other long-range scopes, offers a clean sight picture and thin crosshairs, allowing for precise fire.

Damage Chart[]

Ammunition types 0-39m 40-74m >75m
Standard Issue 75 60 60
Close Combat 60 60 35
Standard Issue / Extended 75 60 60
Subsonic 60 60 60
High-Power 75 75 60
Armor Piercing 60 60 35



Battlefield 2042 XCE Bar Factory Factory
Battlefield 2042 XCE Bar Carbon Series Carbon Series
XCE Bar Mastery 1 (T5)
Battlefield 2042 XCE Bar Solenoid Solenoid
New Dawn Premium Battle Pass tier 76
Battlefield 2042 XCE Bar Tier 1 Tier 1
XCE Bar Mastery 40 (T1)
Battlefield 2042 XCE Bar Synesthesia Synesthesia
Dark Creations Premium Battle Pass tier 88
Battlefield 2042 XCE Bar Forsaken Mark Forsaken Mark
500 BFC (Weapon Skin)
1,750 BFC (Day of the Lotus Bundle)