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"An experimental combat drone. Use to spot and engage light targets from the air. This device will self-destruct when it runs out of fuel to prevent recovery by the enemy."

— In-game description

The XD-1 Accipiter is a Battle Pickup featured in Battlefield 4: Final Stand. The XD-1 is a small experimental combat drone equipped with a rotary cannon, capable of flight and hover via rocket thruster ports placed across its body.

The XD-1 flies similarly to the MAV, able to hover and rapidly decelerate. However, the XD-1 has a limited fuel time (similar to the SUAV). Once the fuel is used up, the XD-1 will self-destruct.

The XD-1 is equipped with a rotary cannon.

Like the SUAV and MAV, it is capable of Roadkilling targets. It can be locked onto with anti-air missiles, such as Stinger missiles or Heat Seekers.


A computer rendering of the Multiple Kill Vehicle

  • The XD-1 Accipiter mechanically and physically resembles the Multiple Kill Vehicle (MKV), a planned US kinetic energy-based warhead that was designed to intercept and destroy multiple ballistic missiles.
  • The name of the XD-1 Accipiter is taken from the SD-8 Accipiter drone in Battlefield 2142.

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