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XM148 Grenade Launcher

The XM148 in real life.

The XM148 is an experimental 40mm grenade launcher designed to fit under M16-style rifles, designed by American firearms company Colt in 1964. Designed to replace the M79, it saw field testing in the Vietnam War, but had many flaws in its design and was eventually replaced by the M203.

The XM148 is featured in Battlefield Vietnam, equipped on the CAR-15 on the CAR-15/XM148 variant.

Battlefield VietnamEdit

The XM148 is found on the CAR15/XM148 weapon exclusive to the MACV Assault, attached on the CAR-15. The XM148 is fired by pressing the zoom button (now alt fire).

When reloading either the gun or grenade launcher, the user cannot fire the other weapon.

It's a generally welcomed addition to close-quarter situations as the XM148 has a very limited range and an extremely noticeable arc in its trajectory.