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The XM22, also known as the Stoner 63A, is an American modular weapon system designed by Eugene Stoner, L. James Sullivan, and Robert Fremont in 1963. The Stoner 63A was a developmental weapon issued in limited numbers to United States Navy SEALs during the Vietnam conflict designated the Mk. 23 Mod 0 or XM207. It used a 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge with a belt-fed feed system and had a rate of fire of 700-1000 rounds per minute and an effective range of between 200–1100 meters/220-1200 yards.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2[edit | edit source]

"A modular weapon system designed in the 1960s. This weapon saw action only as part of certain teams of U.S. Navy SEALs. Complexity and high maintenance doomed the project, despite good performance in the field."

— In-game description

The XM22 is a weapon featured in the Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam expansion and issued to the Medic. It performs much like the M249 in the base game, with its 200-round capacity and high rate of fire.

Despite having the fastest firing rate of the three LMGs in the expansion it also has exceptionally low recoil. The sights are very clear and enable it to be used for long range burst firing.

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  • On the XM22, the phrase "Make War, Not Love" is scratched in the back, easily seen while holding the gun in hipfire position. This is a play off the common anti-war slogan "Make love, not war."
  • It uses an identical reload animation to that of the M249 SAW.
  • The XM22 has the same firing sound as the M249 in the base game, but has a slightly different reload sound (the same as the Type-88 from the base game).

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