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XP Multipliers are experience bonuses featured in the Battlefield series.

Multiplier Events[]

Double XP[]

Double XP is awarded to players on specific dates announced by DICE. They may be available for everyone or exclusive to those who are Battlefield Premium members.

Battlefield 3[]

Double XP only doubles the player's overall rank progression, not class or vehicle type progression.

Battlefield 4[]

while Double XP is active, XP boosts can be used simultaneously with it, and the boost amount will be multiplied. (i.e., Double XP (100% boost) + 50% Boost = 200% total boost). This can be verified at the end of every match when the total bonus experience for the round is displayed (i.e. for the previous example, if the total round experience was 9,000, the total bonus experience will indicate 6,000).

Battlefield Hardline[]

Double XP functions in the same manner in Battlefield Hardline as it does in Battlefield 4. The only difference is the multiplication of XP Boosts which only amplify the amount of XP obtained for a specific action.

Battlefield 1[]

Battlefield 1 periodically features Double XP, also known as "Community Boosts". Unlike other installments, the boost is only applied to the end of round score and require the completion of matches to be awarded.

Battlefield 2042[]

Double XP returns in Battlefield 2042 between November 10th to November 14th, 2022.[1]

Quadruple XP[]

Quadruple XP only appears in Battlefield 4, functioning in the exact same manner as Double XP but with a four times multiplier rather than two.

Quadruple XP has only been held on the weekend of April 15, 2016 and the weekend of August 19, 2016.


Battlefield Heroes[]

XP Boosts in Battlefield Heroes increases experience gain is stackable with other XP Boosts. Boosts do not work on level 30 Heroes and boosts of the same type do not stack but extend their duration. Additionally, bonus XP obtained from boosts will not be added to a players score in a match but instead privately in the players menu.

Image Name Description Effect
BFH1 Basic XP Boost Increases experience gain by 50%, stackable with other XP Boosts to increase it even more! This item does not need to be equipped. Duration starts upon item purchase. Does not work on maximum level heroes. Awards 1.5 times normal XP
BFH2 Boosted XP Boost Increases experience gain by 100%, stackable with other XP Boosts to increase it even more! This item does not need to be equipped. Duration starts upon item purchase. Does not work on maximum level heroes. Awards 2 times normal XP
BFH3 Supreme Boost Increases experience gain by 150%, stackable with other XP Boosts to increase it even more! This item does not need to be equipped. Duration starts upon item purchase. Does not work on maximum level heroes. Awards 2.5 times normal XP
BFH VP Boost VP Boost Increases Valor Point gain to 200%. This item does not need to be equipped. Duration starts upon item purchase. Cannot be stacked. Awards 2 times normal valor points

Battlefield Play4Free[]

Battlefield Play4Free features two types of boosts: XP Boosts and Credit Boosts.

Image Name Description
BFP4F XP Boost XP Boost Increases amount experience gained from gameplay for a limited time.
BFP4F Credit Boost Credit Boost Increases amount of Credits gained from gameplay for a limited time.

Battlefield 4[]

XP Boosts in Battlefield 4 are obtained randomly through Battlepacks. Once obtained, a boost can be activated in the pause menu and will stay active for the next hour of gameplay in a multiplayer match. There are currently four types:

Name Image Description
25% Boost
BF4 25 Boost Icon
Awards 1.25 times normal XP
50% Boost
BF4 50 Boost Icon
Awards 1.5 times normal XP
100% Boost
BF4 100 Boost Icon
Awards 2 times normal XP
200% Boost
BF4 200 Boost Icon
Awards 3 times normal XP

Battlefield Hardline[]

BF1 Wrench Icon
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XP Boosts in Battlefield Hardline are obtained in a similar manner to Battlefield 4 through Battlepacks. Each can be sold for cash based on the amount of XP that they boost.

Assistant Boost
Boost Assisting Scores by X%
Assistant 25% Boost BFHL
Assistant 25% Boost
Assistant 50% Boost BFHL
Assistant 50% Boost
Assistant 100% Boost BFHL
Assistant 100% Boost
File:Assistant 200% Boost BFHL.png
Assistant 200% Boost
Elimination Boost
Boost Scores from kills by X%
Elimination 25% Boost BFHL
Elimination 25% Boost
Elimination 50% Boost BFHL
Elimination 50% Boost
Elimination 100% Boost BFHL
Elimination 100% Boost
File:Elimination 200% Boost BFHL.png
Elimination 200% Boost
Gearhead Boost
Boost vehicle score by X%
Gearhead 25% Boost BFHL
Gearhead 25% Boost
Gearhead 50% Boost BFHL
Gearhead 50% Boost
Gearhead 100% Boost BFHL
Gearhead 100% Boost
File:Gearhead 200% Boost BFHL.png
Gearhead 200% Boost
Quickdraw Boost
Boost scores from kill modifiers by X%
Quickdraw 25% Boost BFHL
Quickdraw 25% Boost
Quickdraw 50% Boost BFHL
Quickdraw 50% Boost
Quickdraw 100% Boost BFHL
Quickdraw 100% Boost
File:Quickdraw 200% Boost BFHL.png
Quickdraw 200% Boost
Objective Boost
Boost objective scores by X%
Objective 25% Boost BFHL
Objective 25% Boost
Objective 50% Boost BFHL
Objective 50% Boost
Objective 100% Boost BFHL
Objective 100% Boost
Objective 200% Boost BFHL
Objective 200% Boost
Reputation Boost
Boost the rate at which you earn Reputation Perks by X%
Reputation 25% Boost BFHL
Reputation 25% Boost
Reputation 50% Boost BFHL
Reputation 50% Boost
Reputation 100% Boost BFHL
Reputation 100% Boost
File:Reputation 200% Boost BFHL.png
Reputation 200% Boost
Teamplay Boost
Boost team-aiding action or gadget scores by X%
Teamplay 25% Boost BFHL
Teamplay 25% Boost
Teamplay 50% Boost BFHL
Teamplay 50% Boost
Teamplay 100% Boost BFHL
Teamplay 100% Boost
Teamplay 200% Boost BFHL
Teamplay 200% Boost

Battlefield 1[]

Squad Boosts are XP Multipliers featured in Battlefield 1, introduced in the 1.04 update on November 15th, 2016. Activated in the Squad menu, they are random legendary drops available in Battlepacks which can be sold for 270 Scrap.

They provide a 100% XP Boost to all members of the player's squad for all XP earned. Squad Boosts do not stack meaning that only one boost may be applied at one time. If another player activates a boost while one is active the previous boost will be placed in a queue and the countdown timer will pause until the new boost has run out.


Battlefield V[]

BF5 Chapter Boost

XP Boosts were introduced to Battlefield V with the Tides of War, Defying The Odds Premium Booster Pack.

Like past installments, XP boosts increase the amount of experience earned during gameplay, with both the aforementioned pack and the Booster Pack including a chapter-limited 20% XP increase. This allows players to reach ranks in Tides of War chapters, with the bonus also applying to completed Tides of War weekly challenges at a faster rate than normal. Unlike previous games however, XP boosts can only be obtained by paying real money to obtain the starter packs.

Battlefield 2042[]

Battlefield 2042 XP Boost Battle Pass Logo

XP Booster was introduced to Battlefield 2042 in the Escalation season and can be earn through the Battle Pass or selected bundles in the store. The booster will consume immediately after obtaining and timer will only count down while in the match. The booster also can be stack with the double XP event.

With New Dawn season, Player who bought Premium version of Battle Pass will also get access to 20% seasonal XP Booster.


Battlefield 4[]

  • All available XP Boosts can be viewed in a "sum-up" in the right bottom corner of the menu (during a MP-match).
  • An XP boost may be replaced by another though all remaining time of the former will be lost.
  • A glitch may cause all XP Boosts to temporarily be unavailable for use.