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XP Boosts are experience bonuses featured in Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4.

Double XP

Double XP is awarded to players on specific dates announced by DICE. They may be available for everyone or exclusive to those who are Battlefield Premium members. Unlike other boosts, Double XP only doubles the amount of experience obtained from awards, not a players combat score. While Double XP is active, XP boosts will not award additional XP to players.

XP Boosts

A new feature in Battlefield 4, XP Boosts are obtained randomly through Battlepacks. Once obtained, a boost can be activated in the pause menu and will stay active for the next hour of gameplay in a multiplayer match. There are currently four types:

  • 25% Boost - Awards 1.25 times normal XP
  • 50% Boost - Awards 1.5 times normal XP
  • 100% Boost - Awards 2 times normal XP
  • 200% Boost - Awards 3 times normal XP

Unlike in Battlefield 3, XP Boosts in Battlefield 4 boost all individual progression areas in which score is earned, including classes, weapon types, and vehicle types.

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