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XP Boosts are experience bonuses featured in Battlefield Play4Free, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield 4.

Double XP

Double XP is awarded to players on specific dates announced by DICE. They may be available for everyone or exclusive to those who are Battlefield Premium members.

In Battlefield 3, Double XP only doubles the player's overall rank progression, not class or vehicle type progression.

In Battlefield 4, while Double XP is active, XP boosts can be used simultaneously with it, but are not themselves doubled. (i.e., Double XP (100% boost) + 50% Boost = 150% total boost)

XP Boosts

Battlefield Heroes

XP Boosts in Battlefield Heroes increases experience gain is stackable with other XP Boosts. Boosts of the same type do not stack but extend their duration.

Boost Image Details
Basic XP Boost BFH1 Awards 1.5 times normal XP
Boosted XP Boost BFH2 Awards 2 times normal XP
Supreme Boost BFH3 Awards 2.5 times normal XP
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Battlefield Play4Free

XP Boosts allow players to gain more experience during play and can be purchased for limited time use in Battlefield Play4Free.

Battlefield 4

XP Boosts in Battlefield 4 are obtained randomly through Battlepacks. Once obtained, a boost can be activated in the pause menu and will stay active for the next hour of gameplay in a multiplayer match. There are currently four types:

Boost Image Details
25% Boost BF4 25 Boost Icon Awards 1.25 times normal XP
50% Boost BF4 50 Boost Icon Awards 1.5 times normal XP
100% Boost BF4 100 Boost Icon Awards 2 times normal XP
200% Boost BF4 200 Boost Icon Awards 3 times normal XP


Battlefield 4

  • All available XP Boosts can be viewed in a "sum-up" in the right bottom corner of the menu (during a MP-match).
  • An XP boost may be replaced by another though all remaining time of the former will be lost.
  • A glitch may cause all XP Boosts to temporarily be unavailable for use.
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