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Xiang (Chinese: ) is a character featured in Battlefield 4: Countdown to War.


Xiang was born in the upstairs of a bar on Danfeng Lu Street Shanghai Old Town in 1923. In 1931, at the age of eight, Xiang had formed a gang in the same bar of his birth and later killed his first man, a rival gang leader, on the front steps of the building by decapitating him with a machete to show who was boss.

In 1941, during the bombing of Pearl Harbor and invasion of China by the Japanese, Xiang formed a truce with four major gangs centralized in Shanghai. Aside from being a distinguished member of the Chinese resistance during the war, Xiang was the first Chinese asset of the CIA.

Xiang was given a Junkers Ju 52 airplane by the CIA shortly after to allow him to make regular runs to Hokkaido for arms and opium. After the war, Mao Zedong took power in the new People's Republic of China with the Chinese Civil War occurring soon after. A well known gangster, Xiang supported the nationalist KMT in their losing battle against the CPC until they retreated to Taiwan in 1949. That and the fact that he was a CIA asset made Xiang's escape from death even more miracles. While others gang bosses lived liked kings, Xiang had instead lived under the radar with a simplistic life, allowing him to easily escape the purges though all other members of his gang were not so lucky. After the end of the purges, Xiang resumed his criminal activities.

Countdown to WarEdit

In 2020, at the age of ninety-seven, Xiang was still active in his criminal activity. Kovic became acquainted with Xiang when he tracked him down out of curiosity of what became of the legendary gangster turned CIA asset.

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