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The Yatagan or Yataghan is a type of Ottoman short sabre used from the mid-16th to late 19th centuries. It is a single-edged blade with a marked forward curve, and a hilt formed of two grip plaques attached with a tang, with no guard. The Yatagan was extensively used in Ottoman Turkey and in areas under immediate Ottoman influence, such as the Balkans and the Caucasus.[1]

Battlefield 1[]

"Used both for combat and decoration, many Yatagan feature ornate designs on the grip plaques."

— In-game Description

The Yatagan Sword is a melee weapon featured in Battlefield 1, introduced in the Battlefield 1: Turning Tides expansion. It performs identically to other sword-type weapons, such as the Saber, Naval Cutlass and Ottoman Kilij with high damage but low speed swings, and a relatively long reach.