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The ZBD-09 in real life.

The ZBL-09 "Snow Leopard" is a Chinese-made armored fighting vehicle. The design is purportedly modular, capable of being fielded in either an IFV or APC variant, and having several different mounted weapons, including howitzers, mortars, machine guns, gatling guns, and cannon. Additionally, they come equipped with medium machine guns and/or HJ-73 anti-tank missiles. There are a number of different models, including the howitzer and mortar models, as well as a recon, air defense, and command model.

Battlefield 4[]

The ZBD-09 is an infantry fighting vehicle featured in Battlefield 4.


In Singleplayer the ZBD-09 are left as playable vehicles scattered around the level in case the player loses the M1 Abrams in Singapore. They are equipped with a 25mm HE cannon, TOW Missiles, Zoom Optics and a Fire Extinguisher.

The Secondary gunner is equipped with Zoom Optics.


It is the People's Liberation Army's IFV, functioning similarly to the LAV-25 and BTR-90 respectively.

Like other IFVs, it is amphibious and can travel through water. The driver can fire HE shells by default, or can equip APFSDS-T Shells or Canister Shells instead. All shells from the main cannon are loaded in twelve-round servos.

For the driver's secondary weapon, the Coaxial LMG is unlocked by default, and can be used against infantry and light vehicles. Alternatively, for anti-armor purposes, the TOW Missile or Zuni Rockets can be equipped. Zoom Optics are unlocked by default, but may be replaced with IRNV Optics or Thermal Optics. A Countermeasure and Upgrade are also available.

The gunner is always armed with a machine gun turret, and can equip one specialization. This may be Gunner SOFLAM to laser-paint targets, Belt Feeder to improve the MG's reload time, Proximity Scan to scan for enemies around the vehicle, or Gunner Incendiary to damage enemy infantry in vicinity. In addition, optics may be chosen.

Other passengers may fire light machine guns with unlimited ammo through the firing ports and still be completely protected.