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Bf4 ZFB05

The PLA ZFB05 in real life

The ZFB05 "Xinxing" (English: New Star) is a 4x4 wheeled armored vehicle developed by Shaanxi Baoji Special Vehicle Factory. The vehicle was based on the chassis of the Nanjing IVECO NJ 2046 4X4 high-mobility truck.

Battlefield 4[]


The ZFB05 was first seen in Singapore. When Tombstone squad arrived at the beach and started moving in, a ZFB05 arrived with PLA soldiers. Soon the vehicle was destroyed by the M1 Abrams tanks. Another ZFB05 was seen in Kunlun Mountains. After Recker escaped from the prison and arrived at the bridge, a ZFB05 started to attack Tombstone and Dima. The player can find an RPG-7V2 near the bridge to destroy it, or use C4.


The ZFB05 is used by the People's Liberation Army. It is the Chinese counterpart to the American MRAP and Russian SPM-3, and can carry four people, including the driver, 1 gunner (armed with a heavy machinegun), and 2 passengers.

The gunner is the only weapon against infantry, capable of killing in four rounds; its damage is identical to the secondary weapon mounted on tanks and IFVs. Like Battlefield 3's Humvee, the gunner is not initially exposed in the vehicle, but he can be shot out if the back doors of the vehicle are blown off.

Two rockets can destroy the ZFB05, and it is vulnerable to both enemy armor and aerial attacks, more so on maps where the primary pathways are linear and offer little cover or alternative routes. Neither passenger has a weapon, and hence it has a lowered defensive capability.

A fresh ZFB05 has blast- and bullet-resistant doors and windows, but as mentioned above, they can be shot off. After the doors are destroyed, they can no longer be replaced, even by repairing the vehicle. Therefore, the occupants will remain exposed once the doors are destroyed.