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The ZH-29 in reality.

The ZH-29 is a Czechoslovak semi-automatic rifle designed in the late 1920s. The rifle is gas operated and uses a novel side-tilting bolt that would go on to influence locking systems on future weapons. This system necessitates that both the barrel and sights are offset to the left side of the receiver, giving it a unique asymmetric profile.

While adopted in only in small numbers in its nation of origin, the ZH-29 saw more success on the export market, where it was sold to a number of African, Asian and South-American countries, the most prominent being the Republic of China. It was also trialled in the United States and Japan, the latter of which produced local copies on a limited scale before World War II. After Czechoslovakia was occupied by Nazi Germany in 1938, a number of confiscated ZH-29s would see service with the Wehrmacht.[1]

Battlefield VEdit

"This was one of the first successful semi-automatic rifles, and its design would go on to inspire the StG-44. The Chinese used it during World War II, but it was developed in Czechoslovakia."

— In-game description

The ZH-29 is a weapon featured in Battlefield V. It first appeared in the closed beta playable at Gamescom.


A ZH-29 with a scope can be found on supply crates during various War Stories. A camouflaged variant appears in Under No Flag.


The ZH-29 is a self-loading rifle available for the Recon and is unlocked at class rank 10. With its 52 damage per shot consistent at all ranges, the ZH-29 is a dependable two body shot kill at distance, but is limited by both the highest recoil and lowest rate of fire at 150 RPM in its category, which can hinder follow-up accuracy and performance in close quarters, respectively.

Most of its weaknesses can be addressed with specializations, which include Detachable Magazines, unique amongst Self-Loading Rifles, improving reload speed over all others in its class and giving the otherwise standard magazine size of five rounds a +1 capacity. Recoil Buffer and Bipod upgrades can both assist with heavy recoil, while Barrel Bedding can further increase medium range potency. Trigger Job, and its boosted rate of 163 RPM, still puts the rifle behind its contemporaries in terms of rate of fire.



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