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ZK-383 is a submachine gun that was developed by the Koucký brothers in Czechoslovakia, with production starting in 1938. The production of the ZK-383 continued at Brno arms factory even during the German occupation during World War II. Most of the guns produced were supplied to the Waffen-SS. It continued to be produced in small numbers in the postwar period and production ended in 1948. The ZK-383 was slowly phased out by smaller and lighter submachine guns such as the Sa vz. 23 though Bulgaria continued using it until the 1970s.

Battlefield V[]

"Firing pistol rounds, the German Army used the ZK-383 as a submachine gun despite it having many of the features found in a full-fledged machine gun, such as a detachable barrel and integrated bipod."

— In-game description

The ZK-383 is a weapon featured in Battlefield V. It was introduced in the second Tides of War chapter, Lightning Strikes and could be unlocked upon completion of the first week challenges, "A Few Good Soldiers", before it became available for purchase via The Company. It is available for the Medic class.

The ZK-383 is one of two SMGs, along with the Type 100, to have a access to a bipod. This gives provides the weapon with a great deal of stability when it is deployed, aided by its already low recoil and rate of fire, which are both tied as lowest in class with the Type 100 and MP34, respectively. This grants the ZK-383 significantly better performance at range compared to other SMGs, although its damage profile and muzzle velocity are standard values for the category. While controllability is excellent, the low damage per second can potentially leave the user vulnerable at closer ranges.

As with other weapons of the game, the ZK-383 has access to weapon specializations that grant statistical bonuses. The left path focuses on improving close-quarters combat with the addition of Lightened Stock, Quick Aim, Light Bolt and Quick Reload. This upgrade boosts fire rate to 720 RPM - this is significant as it is the largest percentage increase provided by Light Bolt thus far in game, and puts ZK-383's time-to-kill on par with the M1928A1. However this comes at the cost of an increase in recoil to 0.700 vertical and 0.400 horizontal.

The right path focuses on improving accuracy and sustainability, through provision of the Barrel Bedding and Custom Stock upgrades. Further inclusions are the Extended Magazine, which increases per-reload capacity to 40 rounds, and High Velocity Bullets, which aid in accuracy against moving targets through their increase in projectile velocity to 560 m/s.