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The ZSU-57-2 in real life

The ZSU-57-2 is a Soviet-made, self-propelled, anti-aircraft gun. It is equipped with dual-57mm autocannons. It was developed to replace the old ZSU-37, which was not effective against fast-moving, low altitude aircraft. The design was heavily based on the chassis of the T-54. After the release of several prototypes in 1950 to 1953, the ZSU-57-2 entered service in February 14, 1955. 500 of these self-propelled, anti-aircraft guns were given to the North Vietnamese Army.

Battlefield Vietnam Edit


The ZSU in Battlefield Vietnam

The ZSU is a self-propelled, anti-aircraft gun and is used by the NVA faction. It is fast considering it is a light vehicle. It is most effective against helicopters, fighter jets, and infantry due to its large caliber and moderate rate of fire. It is also an effective weapon against light vehicles.

The vehicle shouldn't be used against battle tanks except in singleplayer when all the bots do is just point the cannon at you, but not fire. It has low armor strength and several shots from a RPG-7 or LAW can destroy the vehicle. It doesn't have a co-axial machine gun and can only support a crew of two, the driver and one gunner.

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