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"My love life is over!"

— Serdar after the communications station is destroyed

Zavimir Serdar, more commonly known as President Serdar, is a character featured in Battlefield: Bad Company, and is the dictator of the fictional Caucasus country of Serdaristan.


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"Truckasaurus Rex here I come!"
This section contains spoilers for Battlefield: Bad Company.

After Haggard single-handedly attacks the neutral nation of Serdaristan, B-Company goes AWOL and trespasses into the country. The squad eventually infiltrates the President's private golf course and palace, where they take Serdar hostage and order him to let them use his private gold-plated Mi-24 helicopter to exit the country and pursue the Mercenaries for their gold. The helicopter is eventually shot down by the Legionnaire and crashes at an unknown location in Russia. Preston Marlowe finds his squad just after the crash, and together they rescue Serdar right before he is about to be executed by the Mercenaries. The squad eventually make their way to a small island in the Caspian Sea, where they leave him before they head off towards a small resort city in the Middle East.


  • Serdar seems to be a very humorous and nonchalant character, never seen being worried or angry at Bad Company, despite all the things they do to him and his country.
  • Serdaristan is most likely named after himself or his family.
  • After destroying the communications station in Air Force One, Serdar states that his "love life is over!" This hints that he participated in online dating services.
  • Serdar also claims that Serdaristan was the first nation to start an Internet connection. He adds after mentioning the Internet that it's "great for online gaming," referring to multiplayer in many games today.
  • Serdar has a golden AEK-971 displayed in his safe-room.
  • Serdar's catchphrase seems to be "Harsh, but fair," as he says it several times throughout the campaign.
  • It is possible to tell what Serdar is saying in his safe room from the clues Sweetwater gives, like when Sweetwater says "Something about an enema."
  • The President owns a personal Mi-24 helicopter gunship. It has a gold-plated exterior, hot-tub, disco ball and a portrait of Serdar in the interior. However, the hot tub and disco ball don't actually appear in the helicopter's interior, only the portrait.
  • He had a pet swan named Marsha when he was young.
  • In the cutscene after Air Force One, he mentions there was a bridge in Russia named after his mother.